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Backlash over #LillyForTarget is Really an Example of #WhitePrivilege at its Worst

Backlash over #LillyForTarget is Really an Example of #WhitePrivilege at its Worst

April 19, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer website lacks diversity but consistent with Twitter backlash

Lilly Pulitzer Website Lacks Diversity


Today Target unleashed the long anticipated Lilly Pulitzer Collection with drastically reduced price points ($30 for a dress) from the design house’s normal bridge level price points ($208 for a dress).  This is not a new concept for Target as they’ve done so in the past but mainly with designer sportswear (high end) designers like Missoni and Alturzarra where dresses can start at $600-$1,200.

Many Target shoppers are not as familiar with the designer sportswear designers but it appears all were familiar with bridge designer Lilly Pulitzer (a price point that bridges between Target (low end price point) & Designer Sportswear (high-end price point).  So when Target’s site declared Pulitzer’s Collection was available for a limited time consumers were disappointed it was merely minutes in some locations before items were sold out-with no reorders scheduled at this time.

#LillyForTarget Executives Failed #LillyForEbay

First, someone at Target should be fired for not understanding the market they’re selling to and should have known the interest in Pulitzer would double or triple Missoni (which also sold out quickly) when projecting and ordering product for the stores.   The quick sell-out is not a good look for Target, who also it appears, did not put a limit on what people could buy-as sold out items quickly became available on ebay and Instagram-at four times the Target price. Second, someone at Target should be fired because they made the price point too low and there’s at least some satisfaction that Target isn’t reaping the extra reward the sellers on ebay are (which serves Target right but not their loyal consumers).  Sales is about supply and demand-and Target exeuctives failed twice on this one.

Here’s a tip to those who missed out on purchasing today.  BOYCOTT all second-hand seller of Target’s Lilly Pulitzer Collection UNTIL the prices drop below cost.  Don’t be desperate to beat someone else out for a $30 dress and if no one buys from the ebay or Instagram groups that are currently price gouging-they’ll be forced to drop the prices in a few weeks.  This only works if everyone refuses to buy from any second-hand seller. #ForcedAccountability

Forced Accountability #LillyForEbay The Pulitzer pastel printless consumers are outraged and letting Target know via Twitter.  While I understand the consumer disappointment at both Target and those looking to make a quick buck by re-selling on ebay or Instagram, what’s worse is the total lack of self-awareness in some and providing the world with an excellent example of #WhitePrivilege and I write this as an embarrassed white woman. This will enrage the lilly-white masses but just look to Twitter as a good gauge of who’s doing all the complaining & purchasing.

 Lilly Pulitzer Target campaign lacks diversity in the ads   Lilly Pulitzer Target campaign lacks diversity with modelsYes, people of any color can buy whatever they want but statistically analytics support who makes the purchases and that isn’t racist it’s fact.  And the fashion industry has looked at this type of data for years-years before computer analytics even became a thing.

Also the designer houses usually have control over marketing and create campaigns that reflect their buying audience and the Target webpage for Lilly Pulitzer looks very much like the Lilly Pulitzer website which both are lacking in diversity and would explain why the Twitter outrage is mainly white females:

Lilly Pulitzer website lacks diversity Don’t take my word for it-head on over to Twitter and type in the #LillyForTarget and you’ll be blinded by the white complaining masses.  Like the lady below can’t contain her excitement by taunting those who didn’t even get one item.   My point is that there are far more important issues for women to focus on and rally behind with outrage but missing out on $30 Lilly Pulitzer dress from Target isn’t one of them.

And it appears I’m not alone in wanting more for women to rally behind:

Women in the South lined up for Target's #LillyForTarget event


And Target executives keep adding insult to injury:

Somebody in marketing at Kohl’s was thinking by making sure they ran ads for a similar bridge designer Milly on Twitter during the sell-out of Target’s Lilly Pulitzer. Good for them and hopefully they learned from Target’s marketing mishap and projected and ordered enough product for customers.

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  • Pam

    I understand all about the free market. But sometimes you just have to draw a line and say enough is enough. I absolutely refuse to buy anything from an Ebay seller for twice the price. If people would boycott the Lilly Pulitzer items being resold on Ebay for ridiculous prices then a message will be sent.

    Had my eye on a couple of dresses that I could afford as they were a decent price – around $40.00 – and, of course, now they’re not available. Not all of us can afford higher prices and I don’t think that pricing the Lilly collection was the answer to this problem. The answer is this – don’t buy one from a greedy Ebay seller. Much as I wanted these two dresses I will not buy them from anyone off Ebay.

    Don’t buy anything on Ebay. Make these Ebay sellers eat their inventory or return it to the stores!

    April 21, 2015 at 6:58 am

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