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AZ People-AZ Small Dog Rescue Needs Immediate Help!!!

AZ People-AZ Small Dog Rescue Needs Immediate Help!!!

July 1,

Closed for Repairs

From Arizona Small Dog Rescue’s Facebook Page:


SADLY the AZSDR building at 11th ave and Hatcher is closed for emergency building maintenance for a minimum of 2 weeks. OUR doggies still need forever homes, 40 dogs will be moved to boarding at our vet Bethany Animal Hospital (we desperately need help with the cost of boarding) and the rest of the dogs will need to be moved in foster homes ASAP. Our amazing foster team is working hard getting dogs into foster homes for the 14 days.
IF YOU ARE ALREADY an approved foster and can take even 1 dog please text 602-303-3206 or email fosterazsdr@gmail.com. ALL the dogs will be moved out of AZSDR tomorrow. The ones who are moved into boarding at our vet will be able to be adopted directly from there and we will post business hours that AZSDR staff will be set up over there for adoption. WE WILL ALSO be bringing our doggies to our
Regular scheduled adoption events:Saturday 11-3 at PETCO Bell and Tatum
Saturday 10-3:30 at PETSMART on Mayo at Scottsdale & the 101
Sunday 12-5 at PETSMART on bell and grand.

PLEASE call our phone 602-944-2440 if there is a dog that was at AZSDR that you would like to adopt, and we can tell you where the dog is (either foster or boarding) and schedule a time for you to meet them.

WE ARE IN NEED OF BOARDING HELP, EVEN $1 If you can help with our boarding bill at our vets office please call Bethany Animal Hospital 730am-730pm monday through friday 602-242-1657 and let them know its for AZSDR Boarding. (they cant take a donation of less than $25) OR you can paypal directly to AZSDR at www.azsmalldog.org and click donate (any amount)

BECAUSE OF THIS EMERGENCY situation we will be on a TOTAL intake freeze. We will be unable to accept any dogs for 14 days at minimum.AZSDR thanks you all so much for your care and support, and we know we can depend on you all during this crazy time.


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