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Apple’s iWatch is an iNotSoMuch: Know Your Market

Apple’s iWatch is an iNotSoMuch: Know Your Market

September 10, 2014


iWatch or iNotSoMuch2

While tech may make the world go round it doesn’t make the fashion world go round. “I want to dress like Mark Zuckerberg,” said no one ever; and, is the reason much like Google’s Glass that Apple’s iWatch* the $349 wearable tech watch available early next year also won’t shatter any sales records long term. If you dare watch the video of Tim Cook’s unveiling of the new iWatch yesterday and listen closely you can hear the world’s largest collective public orgasm in history. 

It all comes back to knowing your market. While tech fanboys and fangirls may like wearable technology the rest of the world does not. For the fashion challenged (ahem tech gods listen up) people in the real world like the VC’s that fund startups and for the people on Wall Street- a watch is a status symbol and why Rolex and Breitling have done so well over the years. My former industry of medical device gave out Rolexes at Stryker-again a sign that you’ve “made it.” So no- the men who lead a conversation with their net worth and casually work in every achievement since their first bowel movement the iWatch is not going to cut it.  Sure people who can afford to purchase a Breitling or Rolex often collect watches and will buy this, but will they wear it long term? Nope. 


Breitling Emergency ii

That’s not to say that women don’t like nice watches-we do but most of don’t want wearable technology in that the iWatch is going in the wrong direction.  The Galaxy 5 by Samsung is a mini tablet that I now carry as a phone, and now Apple wants to shrink that and put it on my wrist? No. Just. No.  If you’re over the age of 40 (and honest with yourself) you’ll also notice it’s getting tougher to see small things (Mr. Cook you don’t have to squint or take your glasses off to use your own technology?) Seriously do some real world focus groups (outside of Silicon Valley) and start making technology real people want. Note to tech gods we also do not want wearable tech purses or shoes (You’re welcome).

Sure there will be the initial novelty of the Apple iWatch;and, just like Glass that spawned Glassholes there will be the mmm iNotSoMuch backlash. Also toting it as the next healthcare device because that’s the trendy buzzword does not make it so. Sure there are some practical applications (running on a treadmill or outdoors) and the price point is much more favorable than Glass but still rather expensive-granted not Breitling expensive but not a Timex price point either. It also has to be plugged in every day like your phone (not really that big of deal) but it is another thing you have to plug in.

My prediction initial sales will be brisk and drop off quickly and eventually keep Glass company in your home’s the tech junk drawer.

Some sites are just calling it Apple Watch  or just Watch I guess advanced technology has us speaking like cavemen now? That certainly appears to be inconsistent and contradictory language to action doesn’t it?

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