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AOL CEO Refuses to Answer Questions @ AOL Women’s Conference

AOL CEO Refuses to Answer Questions @ AOL Women’s Conference


Let’s file this under news that will shock no one:  Tim Armstrong, AOL’s CEO, refused to answer questions at AOL’s Conference for Women.  Do we think the irony is lost on him? It does seem the fundamentals of management are lost on him, so we shouldn’t expect much more.

And true to form, those operating under The Sociopathic Business Model ™ refuse to take accountability for their actions and deflect.    Today’s AOL hosted meeting would have the perfect opportunity to say that he messed up (listen AOL is likely to settle with these ladies (and my recommendation, coming straight from Tim Armstrong’s bonus)-so admission of wrongdoing would actually go a long way in the court of public opinion, and to getting his soul back.  Well, we’d have to go under the assumption he started with one, which is suspect.

AOL cannot continue to allow Tim Armstrong the platform to encourage others within the company (managers) to replicate and reward this illegal behavior; which is likely to happen, (if it’s not happening already).  AOL will have to make Tim Armstrong accountable or better remove him from their organization all together.   If a company is willing to blatantly overlook EEOC violations they are likely to engage in far greater illegal activity.


Tim Armstrong’s illegal and unethical injustices only seem to be receiving justice from a reporter Nitasha Tiku of Valleywag.  Guess the ‘good ole boys club’ has other things to worry about.  Like why Will Smith chose not to do a sequel (thanks Forbes).   And Diddy (with Armstrong in 2010) used to hang out with drug dealers and murderers, and somehow they don’t seem as bad as this guy.


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