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Another Mesh Victory Against Johnson & Johnson

Another Mesh Victory Against Johnson & Johnson


April 3, 2014

The trial of Linda Batiste v. Ethicon concluded just before 6pm central time with the jury returning a verdict that the TVT-O mesh implanted in Batiste was defectively designed.

That was the central count to this product liability trial.  The jury awarded her $1.2 million.  More Here

This victory comes despite:

Johnson & Johnson improperly destroyed files about some vaginal-mesh implants and may have to let juries weighing lawsuits over the devices hear evidence about the destruction, a court official said.” More Here

And let’s not forget the executives:


And why these 3 name should sound familiar:

Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Pharmaceutical’s

Yellow Brick Road of


Over 1,207 Children suffered serious problems

Including 31 children who died, 11 of which for off-label promotion

A Time Line to a $2.2Billion Fine

That’s Alex Gorsky from Risperdal fame and CEO of Johnson & Johnson

Any guess who’s next?

Gray Pruden as the  Scarecrow final

That’s right, it’s Gary Pruden of Risperdal fame and CEO of Ethicon

Are we seeing a pattern that’s replicated and rewarded?

Bridget Ross as Dorothy final

And Bridget Ross CEO of Gynecare Prolift

Are Johnson & Johnson’s Corporate Integrity Agreement (s) with the Department of Justice really working?

  • Richard M Howden(AMU)

    My first mesh ‘product’ was an Ethicon Prolene Hernia mesh that almost killed me because it twisted, crumpled and broke apart inside me.. I lost a testicle due to damage and now my right side looks like a war zone due to repeated surgeries. The hole was repaired with a Kugel Oval, which has caused it’s own set of problems. But the reason I post today concerns the new judgment against J&J for their TVT mesh ‘product’. Although I am very glad for Mrs. Batista, I believe that the judgment should have been made because of the material this TVT mesh was made of. If that was done then the majority of ALL mesh products would then be suspect because of what they are made of. Polypropylene twists, crumples, balls up, breaks apart and finally, migrates when implanted in the body. This is what happened to me with a Hernia mesh. This is what is happening to men and women all over the world with many different manufacturers and types of mesh usage.So, although a great ‘victory’ for Mrs. Batista, on the whole it is not a ‘victory’ for mesh victims.Until the material that mesh products are made of(because the damage done to Mrs Batista was the material. The design put it where it was.) comes under scrutiny, we as a group will not see any retribution or compensation.Being implanted with a mesh ‘product’ permanently scars and damages a person, physically and mentally. We as a group, want to see changes so bad that we grasp at any small triumph. And unfortunately for all of us that cannot get representation or are deemed not worthy of having our day in court, we are the forgotten victims. Until the day Polypropylene and the other materials mesh is made of is the reason for judgments, true victory against the manufacturers of this garbage will not be seen.

    April 7, 2014 at 7:12 am
    • Richard.. I couldn’t agree more. They have tried for years to make a ‘perfect’ mesh… from nylon, Dacron, PTFE, polyester and now polypropylene. The best I can add to your comment is a message to the JnJ’s of this world. WAKE UP. !

      April 9, 2014 at 5:24 am
  • Peggy Weathers

    WHY ARE ATTORNEY’S, allowing these mesh companies to drag cases on, like they are in federal, state , courts? THEY KNOW SOME WOMEN HAVE SUFFERED FOR YEARS AND NO WAY TO GET TO DOCTORS AS SOME HAVE TO GET ANY KIND OF CLOSURE ON WHAT THEY HAVE GOT TO FACE.

    they are hand picking cases , why, they know some women will never see justice that have severe scaring from infections and the mesh has moved and moved and moved into other parts, still protruding causeing pain and problems as doctors lied to them, when cases started they told women it would be a year maybe 2, look at what they are allowing these chemical companies to do in courts buying time, politicians , news media , FDA, knew but would not warn women. all got money billions and yet they will not even set up funds for women severely damaged in pain that have been treated so cruel, and lied to for years, by doctors and nurses, what honorable judge would allow this to happen to human beings unless they are atheist , that see their self as gods with power and money getting rich off murdering humans, someone needs to intervene and allow those women severly damaged as some are not with cases , that makes these companies real happy to have those cases of those that lie , before those women in severe pain and hanging on in anger of those they trusted and lied, maybe some mesh in the mens male organs, in little pieces , and the nurses implanted the same way to let them know what it is like as some women they know will never see justice and the billions they made off lies, I knw exactly who was answering phones for FDA and companies that lied alos when called wanting to know what had happened to them , doctors just cruel , laughing in women’s faces and their sorry nurses. someone needs to intervene, and say no more and allow women that can absolutely show proof of damage and scaring suffering for years from mesh. it takes a low life scum to drag these on knowing women can die without a doctor that will talk to them in truth and tell them what they have to face getting mesh out, after attempts of more damage by doctors that lied to them getting it out, enough is enough of the big business chemical companies and lies by doctors and nurses that should lose their lisense and these chemical companies shut down and life in prison , for all involved. just as thopse that hunted down those in germany that used humans like hitler and his regime, saddam and his regime bin laden and his now these in america, murdering low life cons lying scum of the earth.

    April 20, 2014 at 7:24 pm
  • Peggy Weathers

    How can any judge honorable stop women after over 5 years of pain and suffering from infections mesh moving, sitting and standing hurts after mesh moves into nerves and other body parts, and they expect women for over 5 years to shut up, and not talk when the governor of tennessee and all of those doctors and nurses that lied , and lied and lied and were sarcastic and hateful, we are suppose to take what they dish out and not make a stand. WHAT COUNTRY ARE WE LIVING IN THAT ANY HONORABLE JUDGE WOULD STOP TRUTH OF ALL THE PAIN AND SUFFERING EVEN THOSE OF DOCTORS AND NURSES THAT PROVOKE ANGER IN WOMEN IMPLANTED TO COVER FOR THEIR EVIL LYING COLLEAGUES.

    ESPECIALLY ALL THE POLITICIANS THAT GOT MONEY FOR CAMPAIGNSS AND THOSE POLITICIANS INVESTED IN CHEMICAL COMPANIES THAT STOP NEWS MEDIA FROM EXPOSING ALL TRUTH, THIS IS NOT MY FIRST BATTLE WITH LIES AND CORRUPTION AND COVER UP. TRUTH STORIES OF WHAT PEOPLE HAVE SUFFERED AT THOSE IN POWER AND COURTS , THAT ARE ABOVE THE LAWS TO PUT INNOCENT PEOPLE BEHIND BARS TAHT WILL NOT BOW TO SAY THEIR EVIL LIES AND WAYS ARE GOOD. TENNESSEE AT THE TOP OF THE LIST, AND STATES IN AMERICA FOLLOW. those that get money from lobbist and big business, and doctors and more in state reps legislation that pass laws as I was told at local court house that they can do anything they want to you, even stop you from testifying and telling the truth of those in law and power, laws passed by reps that get money to put into laws for these most cruel and evil can get by with murder. from state to washington d.c. as thiose put in positions and appoint those most corrupt the more they lie and perjure their self in courts against truth the higher promotions, I could write the book if I were a journalist to those that should lose everything they have as I did, to crimes of politicians , law and cover ups, just as these chemical companies that will not make available for women to get to doctors to at least be talked to and shown by a doctor not lying and cruel what they have to face for life. but I am not a journalist. what better proof would a judge needf even for a federal doctor to go into exams and listen to what these very few doctors tell women what they have to face with more surgeries damaged done, more as women wait wanting to get to those doctors some women have got too,. ENOUGH LIES, COVER UP, AND CORRUPT COURTS IT SEEMS SIMPLE TO ME TO GET THOSE WOMEN MORE DAMAGED AS YEARS THEY HAVE WAITED TO GET TO DOCTORS TO TALK AND TREAT THEM LIKE HUMANS SINCE SO MANY GOT MONEY FROM INS, AND LIED TO WOMEN LET THE INSURANCE COMPANIES GET THEIR MONEY BACK FROM THE LIARS. THAT MADE BILLIONS. AND LIFE IN PRISON AS THEY PUT WOMEN AND MEN WITH IMPLANTS. UNLESS THEY WILL AGREE TO LET THOSE BUTCHER THEM AND SMILE TO PUT ,ESH IN THEIR MALE ORGANS MEN AND WOMEN, PUT LITTLE PIECES AND SHOW NO MERCY LIKE THEY HAVE US. NEWS MEDIA COVER UP THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN BLASTED BY FDA, AND MEDIA WARNING WOMEN OF DAMAGED FOR LIFE. I AM NICE i DIDN’T CUSS THIS TIME. IN REPLY,

    April 22, 2014 at 12:15 pm

    April 22, 2014 at 12:18 pm
  • MOVE THE CASES FASTER , SINCE SO MANY APPOINTED APPOINT A FEDERAL DOCTOR TO GO IN WITH WOMEN IN EXAMS AND LET THEM LOOK AT THE SCARRING FROM INFECTIONS AND LET THEM HEAR A DOCTOR SHOW WITH PROOF OF WHAT HELL THEY HAVE BEEN THROUGH WITHOUT THE LIES AND TALK TO THEM LIKE HUMANS , I have never seen any term in medical that cannot be broke down even for an uneducated person cannot understand. as the doctor said that a woman confronting him at wal greens , a doctor that had done damage to her mother said she was ignorant and uneducated, . but he doesn’t know the differnece between a lie and truth. not good for those in his profession that people have to trust their life , no mercy at all for what they do to humans , as most today treat people like animals run them through the shute and give all the same treatment today lies and more lies, with chemical companies they got rich with. and politicians , don’t want to leave out their investors , in states and in washington d.c.

    April 22, 2014 at 12:29 pm
  • I AM THROUGH FOR RIGHT NOW , HAVE TO WORK OFF MY ANGER .this is the only way I know since my life has gone down taken by mesh and lies. sure would like to see some with life in prison losing all they have pensions and more from state and fed government, shut em down.

    April 22, 2014 at 12:31 pm
  • Richard M Howden(AMU)

    The intensity that the subject of mesh brings out is very obvious with Peggy’s posting. Please bare with me on this explanation on what is happening with these cases. The Kugel/Bard patch recall was done because the ring that holds the mesh material it self breaks and causes all the damage. The mesh material was not allowed in court because there was no evidence that it did any damage.The TVT court cases are centered on the ‘design’ of the ‘product’ and not on the material. The biggest problem many of us have is from scar tissue doing things to nerves and causing pain etc. Mesh was designed to make scar tissue so as to reinforce the area where you are having a hernia. So when a Lawyer goes into court, how can he argue that the mesh is bad when it is actually doing what it was designed to do? The only way to go after the manufacturers is by showing that they knew their particular mesh ‘product’ was inherently designed poorly and any damage done was because of that. This was the basis for Mrs. Batista’s case against J&J. We are ( as far as I am concerned) approaching these cases back asswards. The design of TVT ‘products’ put the mesh in it’s place in this poor women’s vagina. From there, the Polypropylene did what it inherently wants to do, shrink, twist, break apart and migrate. The design is blamed when it should be the material. If the material becomes the center of all mesh litigation, every mesh victim would benefit. But what is happening is damaged, upset people are after the ‘product’ and manufacturer that has damaged them. That is to be expected. But we and the Lawyers should look at the “BIG” picture and realize that the horror of mesh comes from what it is made of and not the design. In this way the manufacturers would not be able to weasel out with very little in the way of recompense to the victims. In fact, if we approached this as I suggest, the manufacturers would not only lose a lot of money compensating ALL of us, they would also lose their cash cow, the Mesh ‘product’ themselves.In that way we all win and mesh use would stop altogether.Best Wishes……..

    April 22, 2014 at 4:37 pm
  • Peggy Weathers

    richard, i am most truthful, about the mesh and what I have gone through, and it angers me that courts can stop the whole truth from being told, of the cruelty and sarcastic remarks of doctors and nurses that cover for their colleagues , begging for help, not understanding all that was happening to our bodies and it took so long to get a doctor to confirm , mesh sticking out, explaining why pain took us off of our feet, that mesh cutting into and through our bodies, I brushed off the severe pain sometimes as a sever crap. not knowing the mesh was cutting through.

    Doctors knowing that would not tell us, why infections were not going away, they were saying it was all in our minds and crazy, as our bodies went down weak, thinking a surgery to remove it we would gain strength back that we had, before mesh, wrong again, more lies. I have been without a doctor, for a year now, when again lied to, at death’s door with pneumonia. after surgery again begging for anti biotic, knowing something was wrong, I made it to emergency room, 5 months to get over that, and the anti biotic I begged for came to late starting the 7 of december , I didn’t get it till the 18th of december it has been hell , because doctors lie and do not want to touch women with mesh, telling all they had nothing to do with implant but needed a doctor to be truthful with me, I even tried to be nice , and joke because so many said I had an attitude, I HAD NONE UNTIL THEY LIED TO ME, i WAS DESPERATE TO FIND A DOCTOR AS i READ THEIR LIES IN REPORTS i GOT, OR DISTORTED TRUTH.

    WE NEED TO GET TO DOCTORS ABOVE ALL, LIKE SO MANY WOMEN HAVE SAID THEY FOUND OUT OF STATES THAT WILL TELL US THE TRUTH. and show us by tests what we have to face and how long , how many surgeries, and more, i have not found anything , words in medical term that cannot be broken down to words that even an uneducated person cannot understand. ultra sounds and more.

    I have been in severe pain in the past week, I have heard the women talk about bed ridden , can’t walk, which i was slow, but kept going , up and down to much and resting during day to get off my feet and sitting that pain was worse, but now in the past week another has come up, I am laying more, because pain feels like it is in my kidney area, and i cannot do what I did, a week ago, walk , getting from sitting position to standing, and bending. what is going on? until I get to the doctors other women are talking about with mesh, I have no hope of knowing , how can this do this to a person’s body, I know the vaginia area and what happened the scarring of over five years of infections, but the back area, has never had ultra sound to tell me what damages in the buttocks and that area that I also have pain there too. god help us if someone does not intervene and at least get us to doctors that know and have some knowledge to help us , not cruel and thinking we want to sue them, all I want is to be treated like a human, I can talk, and have a 2 way conversation, , I have a mind that pictures what someone is saying to me as they explain to me anything, and I can give feed back to what they are saying that does not seem to fit, I HAVE A MIND TO THINK, AS SOME DO WANT TO DO OUR THINKING ALSO.,
    i WANT CLOSURE TO WHAT I DESERVE TO KNOW IN TRUTH, i HAVE NEVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH TRUTH, BUT LIES AND COVER UP, SARCASTIC REMARKS, , YOU BET i DO, AND YOU SHOULD TOO. i do not have the money to get to ucla, and other doctors that I have heard other women speak of. Some one should have licked open that door, a judge , someone for women to get closure, I KNOW i HAVE INFECTION, BUT i CANNOT TAKE THE LIES AND CRUEL TREATMENT i HAVE GONE THROUGH AGAIN BY LOCAL AREA DOCTORS AND NURSES THAT LIED TO ME AND LIED IN REPORTS, HOW DO YOU TRUST AGAIN, I told doctors and nurses, I need help, not to sue them they did not do the implant but lies and cover up did make me angry, and I am not crazy.nor on drugs, use alcohol, perverted in any way, I HAVE NEVER USED STREET DRUGS IN MY LIFE, ONLY THOSE THAT DOCTORS HAD ME ON YEARS AGO THAT i GOT OFF OF, WHEN i knew the side effects , were real. I DO NOT DENY ANY DRUG FOR INFECTIONS AND WHAT i NEED TO LIVE, i have read what some said, I HAVE BEN TAKING THE PAIN SO FAR WITH JUST ASPRIN AND BENYDRYL FOR ALLERGIES. THAT’S ALL AS SOME SAY IN THEIR REPORTS i DENY STREET DRUG USE, i HAVE LONG HAIR TELL THEM TO TAKE MY HAIR, THAT’S ALL THEY WILL FIND. i do not lie!. I AM SICK OF IT.

    April 26, 2014 at 1:48 pm
  • peggy weathers

    melayna, AFTER POSTING TO YOU, AND JANE AKRE, those that befriended me, to find out tat you and jane akre and more, Estelle, and Horton all took money with women thinking like me hope was gone, but giving a little might help other women that were suffering so bad with mesh. TO FIND OUT THE TRUTH OF WHAT IS BEHIND YOUR WEB SITES, LYING DOCTORS, A PUSH FOR CERTAIN ATTORNEYS, AND THOSE LIKE ESTELLE THAT COULD NOT TELL THE TRUTH, AS LINDA k called her a pathological liar. all part of a circle of men and women cons, for their own evil purposes , to do what? get info, and tells lies to them . PEOPLE THAT HAVE USED WEB SITES, WHILE WOMEN LIKE ME WAS BEING LIED TO and reaching out to those finding the internet to get answers, then to find out what some web sites are nothing but a push for attorneys and doctors. yeah I CUSS, AND FOR GOOD REASON, THE ANGER OF LIES BEING TOLD TO ME, FOR YEARS, NEEDING HELP. BUT SOMEONE CUSSING DUE TO JUSTIFIED ANGER OF THE LIES TOLD, , WHAT OFFENDS ME ARE THOSE THAT LIE, AND DECEIVE AND USE SWELLING WORDS, AS A FRONT OF GOOD, TO DO SO MUCH EVIL.. GOD ‘S INHIS WORDS SAYS TO BLESS THOSE THAT REVILE YOU AND PERSECUTE YOU AND DO ALL MATTER OF EVIL AGAINST YOU FALSELY, (LIES) NEVER JUSTIFIED BEFORE GOD ALMIGHTY. GOD BLESS ALL OF THOSE THAT HAVE LIED AND USED MESH DAMAGED WOMEN AS THEY HAVE BEEN LIED TO, BEEN TREATED CRUEL BY THOSE THEY TRUSTED.HAVE A BLESSED DAY, VENGEANCE IS IN GOD’S HANDS NOW AS HE PROMISES THOSE THAT SPOKE TRUTH.

    December 11, 2014 at 2:58 pm
  • Clayton


    April 8, 2016 at 9:00 am

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