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Forced Accountability: Parasitically Preying on Parents is Not A Business Model: Ali Shanti Case Study

Forced Accountability: Parasitically Preying on Parents is Not A Business Model: Ali Shanti Case Study

UPDATED: July 24, 2015 Alexis Martin Ali Shanti has a new business Law Business Mentors, as with any program it’s always advised to do your research before purchasing:

Alexis Neely Ali Shanti Law Business Mentors Sued By Client Filed for Bankruptcy- Killing My Career

July 18, 2015

The Path Of The Priestess


September 13, 2014


Money Map to Freedom™

Ali Shanti

One of the goals of this site is to protect people from potential fraud while exposing the facts regarding companies who operate unethically or illegally  and the tactics used to commit those frauds. Those employing tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™ will spin their pathological half-truths or lies with the purpose of attracting paying clients or customers.  Superficial charm and manipulation of facts will initially attract clients (accomplices) who when they start to challenge the unethical or illegal actions of a company will become (victims) as the company will create hopelessness, motivate through fear and intimidation often using insulting or demeaning language all in order to control their image and keep the real truth (not company PRSpin) from coming to light and exposing fraud. The Sociopathic Business Model™ is like a cancer that spreads through an unethical and illegal company through #PRSpin and think of this site (with the help of readers) as chemotherapy to that cancer with #PRSpinUnspun. 

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Identifying the problem is first step and the second is to eradicate the problem permanently which is done through #ForcedAccountability by exposing the truths a company would rather remain hidden with the purpose of creating positive change.   Those employing  The Sociopathic Business Model™ will not admit fault or take accountability because they manipulate parasitically and do not recognize the rights of their victims. Their goal is to successfully replicate the unethical or illegal behavior without being challenged or having the truth exposed.   Blame shifting is a common tactic at this stage of the process and when the unfavorable facts are exposed it often forces companies to change their name (or create a new business model) to distance from previous unethical and or illegal behavior.

Alexis Neely Martin/Alexis Martin Neely & Associates the Truth-Telling Lawyer

All of that is bad enough now let’s compound that with companies like Ali Shanti’s  (aka Alexis Martin Neely, aka Alexis Martin, aka Martin Neely & Associates) who was sued under Alexis Neely Martin/Alexis Martin Neely & Associates.  A woman (client/accomplice) in emotional crisis (her mother was dying) believed and trusted what her attorney (Martin Neely) told her; and, that trust was betrayed by motivating through and exploiting fear while manipulating facts for Martin Neely’s financial benefit.

Alexis Neely Martin/Alexis Martin Neely & Associates the Truth-Telling Lawyer also goes by Ali Shanti which she does in the next Case Study. 

Ali Shanti True Security for Your Parents-600x399

Ali Shanti

Will You Take Care of Your Parents (video)

What the video says:


Hi everyone, it’s Ali and today’s conversation, today’s video is about an important conversation that I had tonight with two good friends Paul Cooper and Lauren Sheehan about how we can unlock the hearts that are holding the resources that are able to finance a world that truly works for everyone and those hearts are the hearts of our parents.


“Finance a world that works for everyone” appears to be a world in which everyone but Ali Shanti works.


And the way that we’re going to unlock those hearts, and therefore the resources that can finance a world that works for everyone is if us the children are able to get to a place where we can honestly say to our parents, “Mom, Dad, I’m going to take care of you no matter what happens. And I’m going to care of you in a way that feels really good. Yeah you didn’t raise me in the way that I wanted you to. Yeah, I blamed you for a lot of my life and I passed that, I forgive you and I not only forgive you but you can trust me to take care of you.”


Ali Shanti/Alexis Martin Neely is an entitled, blame shifter who refuses to take accountability or responsibility for her own life; and, would like her parents (and yours) to make up for a shitty childhood by financing her shitty adulthood. Or she could get a therapist and a job.


And I believe that when we do that that we can shift the pattern that exists now in which our parents don’t feel confident or trust that they can rely on us and as a result feel that they need to hoard their resources in retirement accounts, 401Ks, IRAs, businesses and hoard those resources in a way that tries to assure them some semblance of safety and security even though deep down inside they know that there is no security there. And so they feel insecure, they don’t trust, they fear.


Are you kidding me? If I were related to Ali Shanti I’d sleep with one eye open; and, they have reason to not trust and hoard their resources because fact based evidence over time shows a pathological history of exploiting others


And that fear gets passed on to us. But we can shift the entire dynamic right here, right now and unlock those hearts, unlock those resources and truly create a world that works for everyone. And when we do, so much shifts. We re-imprint, recreate an ethos, a cultural ethos in which our elders know that they’re going to be taken care of and that they don’t need to hoard their resources, that they can circulate them, they can invest them in us, the next generation and that we will be good stewards of those resources and make sure they are taken care of in a way that feels really great…


You know what didn’t get passed on here Ali? Work ethic. The fear she mentions is her own fear of hard work. Do they not need to hoard their resources because they’re in line for an upcoming Dateline is that the plan of “taken care of,” she’s referring to?


Lauren and Paul and I are going to be creating some content around this, so that we can start to introduce this idea and this concept and give parents the confidence that they need to make the investments that are going to provide them with true safety and security for the rest of their lives and the children can be trusted to receive them and be good stewards of that wealth…


Under the post on Facebook are all sorts of congratulatory platitudes (parents check to see if your kids responded favorably there; and, if they did cut them out the will ASAP-or sleep with one eye open).

Ali Shanti Alexis Martin Neely True Security for Your Parents 6

People often ask how #ForcedAccountability works; and, if you do not agree with what Ali Shanti is proposing then #GetActive and comment on the site with the hashtags or share the story on social media. Exposing the truth is the chemo to this cancer of a business model that preys on parents.

And what we can only assume below is the “content” created #PRSpin to introduce the concept of :

Can You Create True Security for Your Parents and, As a Result, Contribute to Creating a World That Works for Everyone?

This one is an #AllPlay but before that guess who else disagrees with Ali Shanit (outside of anyone with a functioning brain cell?)  TheNew York Times :


Parents, the Children Will Be Fine. Spend Their Inheritance Now.

Ali Shanti True Security for Your Parents


Ali Shanti Alexis Martin Neely True Security for Your Parents 1


Ali Shanti Alexis Martin Neely True Security for Your Parents 2


Ali Shanti Alexis Martin Neely True Security for Your Parents 3


Ali Shanti Alexis Martin Neely True Security for Your Parents 4


Ali Shanti Alexis Martin Neely True Security for Your Parents 5

Haven’t had enough yet? http://eyeswideopenlife.com/blog/author/ali/

  • Pastor Jim

    Oh my word. “How to pry your folks’ money out of their wizened, old, suspicious hands.” A real bottom of the barrel grift: let’s get control of their money and let them live in our garage and we’ll feed them cat food and bullshit. This is lower than your male snake’s reproductive organ. Ali/Alexis needs to lay off the ‘shrooms and figure out how better to bilk her trustafarian burner buddies.

    September 15, 2014 at 5:51 am

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