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#WinnersOfTheWeAk: The Poisonous & Parasitic Musk Family

#WinnersOfTheWeAk: The Poisonous & Parasitic Musk Family

#WinnersOfTheWeAk April 17, 2020 The Poisonous & Parasitic Musk Family

The poisonous apples, Elon & Kimbal Musk, did not fall far from the poisonous tree, Maye Musk.  Never has a family collectively, consistently, and parasitically tried to make a worldwide pandemic about their needs; and, not the victims of Coronavirus (COVID-19), including their own employees.


Image v Substance

If #PandmeicPimping and #PandemicPosing were Olympic sports, Maye Musk’s efforts to shill her book A Woman Makes a Plan and her Covergirl makeup contract take the gold and silver. Maye’s healthy ego grabs the bronze(r).  Worse than shilling during a pandemic, yes there’s a worse from this woman, is Maye’s pathological defense of the indefensible actions of her sons Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Tesla board member and The Kitchen restaurant owner, Kimbal Musk.

Image v Substance 

Insecure Elon Musk’s desperate need to feel omnipotently superior cannot be achieved through substance or knowledge so he focuses on the image of fixing or solving problems. Dangerously, unethically & pathologically Elon inserts himself into one high-profile crisis after another knowing he lacks the substance to help while simultaneously diverting crucial attention away from those in distress.

When factually, publicly challenged or when negative truthful information is exposed about Musk, he:

consistently exhibits poor behavioral control

insults and demeans the person(s) exposing the truth

restates a false claim without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability

demands others publicly defend his unethical behavior


Most recently and notably Tesla CEO Elon Musk claimed in early March 2020 that panic around Coronavirus was dumb to his 23+ million Twitter followers.  Manipulatively, while inconsistent and contradictory to Musk’s own very public statement, in February 2020, Musk was allegedly was very concerned about his high school age son’s exposure to Coronavirus.

Musk, risking the safety of his Fremont factory Tesla employees, then went on to ignore Alameda County’s shelter-in-place directive, twice.  Again diverting much needed attention to a community in distress to placate the ego of billionaire.


While other auto manufacturers were working to solve problems regarding much needed ventilators to treat critical Coronavirus patients, Musk took to insulting & demeaning those who forced accountability his false, misleading, or uneducated medical claims.


Negative truthful information was hurting Musk and Tesla’s image which can ultimately be tied to the appearance of profits or revenue. I say appearance because despite Tesla’s over $100 billion market valuation, they company has never been profitable for 16 years and running. A longer story for future date.

Simply PR was needed to undo the damage. There are well-meaning but often clueless people who do turn to Twitter to beg Musk to intervene in a problem without realizing Musk is the problem.

Bad deeds also go unpunished too, Maye.

Sometimes those people are group of unhinged fanatics devoid of reason or understanding of issues who manipulatively lob softball questions, which likely were orchestrated by to Musk for him to answer, allowing him to insert himself into a crisis for image rehab. Just as Musk’s own mommy, Maye, defends his indefensible actions, so too do the Elon’s incels. They try to threaten, intimidate, insult, demean, dox and try to get journalists fired and shut down influential Twitter accounts.  Again, a longer story for a different day.

Musk publicly announced the donation of 1,000 ventilators. Musk did not donate ventilators. End of story. What he did donate requires extra work for hospitals to painstaking convert one medical device into another, with no guarantee they’ll work, while training hospital staff, where the hospital takes full responsibility if these incorrect devices cause further injury or harm.  All in the middle of a pandemic. This goes beyond Musk’s usually need for an ego massage and borders on criminal.



When California Governor Gavin Newsom challenged Musk’s false claims regarding the delivery of ventilators and mainstream media picked up on the story, Musk lost all behavior control. Predictably he went on a Twitter tirade, again taking focus away from those in distress and making a worldwide pandemic all about insecure Elon’s bruised ego.


Yes, Maye, no Musk deed goes without a mandatory PR photo shoot a hospital with exhausted healthcare workers in the middle of a pandemic.  Maybe you can send them some Covergirl concealer for those unsightly bags for Elon’s next image-based, unethical, branding stunt.



Which bring us to my personal favorite Musk hashtag, #MaudlinMusk, where Elon inevitably, with bruised ego in hand. sees himself as the victim of a crisis that has absolutely nothing to do with him.

Image v Substance

Not to be outdone by big brother and mommy, Colorado’s costume cowboy Kimbal Musk, seldom seen without his ridiculous hat and unhinged jaw, parasitically started #PandemicPimping which exposed some pandemic defrauding employees.

Pay for Play

Never fear, cartoon villain Mommy Maye is here to defend her son Kimbal’s indefensible behavior.

The story exposing Kimbal’s Family Fund fraud, where he stole from his employees right before he laid them off, was done by Emily Peck of Huffington Post. In stark contrast, Kimbal’s PR defense came through Colorado based puff pieces, not media.

Maye Musk, while writing for CNBC about her favorite topic, Maye Musk, bragged about raising successful children for her book tour about Maye Musk.  Good Job, Mom! You raised children who put their needs before others and who shift blame to avoid accountability for their unethical behavior causing predictable and preventable harm to their employees.

Parasitic parental pride not withstanding, we will survive the Coronavirus pandemic–less certain we’ll survive the parasites known as the Musk family, as there’s no current cure. I believe there’s some federal funding behind finding a cure though.

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