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Will Work 5 Extra Weeks-For Free!

Will Work 5 Extra Weeks-For Free!


Smart phones, laptops, tablets all make life easier but there is a downside as it relates to work, and employers don’t seem to mind.  On average, employers get an additional five weeks of work out of employees for free!  According to an NBC report, employees feel obligated to read, respond and work on projects or emails from home, regardless of the time (guilty!). Thanks technology!  Further still, over 90% surveyed stated they’d worked on their vacation (guilty!).

The Great American Speedup, as it’s referred to, is coming at a cost much higher than free overtime, our health.  People who work consistently over 11 hours a day or more have a 67% greater risk of heart attack.

Now more than ever it’s time to set some limits either with our employers or ourselves.



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