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Updated: Why I Still Will Never Buy Coobie Products: The Sociopathic Business Model™

Updated: Why I Still Will Never Buy Coobie Products: The Sociopathic Business Model™

June 4, 2014


The word “Ambassador” is the marketing world’s idea of spinning a formerly prestigious title while pretentiously applying it to  someone willing to basically help brand their product in exchange of goods.  Ethical companies and their representatives will disclose the elements of the arrangement creating transparency for the consumer.



My inquiry is a normal question given their website at the time or Facebook page did not reflect this information. Coobie gave this confirmation endorsement above.  This language (or lack of) is inconsistent and contradictory to the way most companies (in my 15 years of sales and marketing) handle questions regarding endorement deals.  And why does it matter who I am or who I’m “with?”  Why not attach a press release?

My response:

My response to Coobie

Coobie is transparent enough about their plan, which in the marketing world is in line with buying Facebook “likes” or Twitter “followers”  and I tend to stay clear of a company which might be looking to take the easy way.  If a company’s goal is to show sustainable growth quarter over quarter Brand Ambassador, in my 15 year experience, is not the adviced route. I recognize that not all companies have million dollar budgets and I’ve been fortunate enough to work with both million dollar national campaigns to creating an entire marketing campaign for $1,500.  Price is not the issue but what it could cost a brand is the issue.

Is there a vast difference if someone is a Coobie Brand Ambassador or if they are a spokesperson?   In my experience a new spokesperson is usually announced via press release.   It’s often not just a simple matter of semantics when a brand is involved it can be a matter regarding ethics and forcing accountability.

Julia Allison or someone representing her contacted Coobie to receive payment for a recent photoshoot on behalf of Coobie.  Aren’t most calls recorded for quality assurance? Or I guess calls can just be recorded (just ask the NSA).

They were not impressed. They were super confused about the “spokesperson” title. That is why I got put on hold. The lady was like, spokesperson? Uh, no . . . this woman called us recently about sending an invoice for the fauxtoshoot and we didn’t know what she was talking about.

Sounds like Coobie is internally confused as my email with them confirms this information is inconsistent and contradictory to a conversation with a Coobie employee.  It happens not everyone is kept in the loop; but, again 15 years in sales and marketing usually an email blast at the very least goes out company wide.

Julia Allison, Coobie new spokeswoman was, in her words, a one time Brand Ambassador for Sea World; and, while many of us have seen the movie Blackfish which depicts SeaWorld honestly and negatively shouldn’t a Brand Ambassador be more responsible?

And one time endorser of Cheesy Skillets

Julia Allison Forced Accountability for Cheesy Skillets

Julia Allison has endorsed and denounced both SeaWorld and Cheesy Skillets and the language to actions are both inconsistent and contradictory:

Checklist of Characteristic of The Sociopathic Business Model

Coobie’s marketing tactics  are not one I personally align with so that’s the first flag.  And, having Julia Allison, by whatever title, where fact based evidence over time has proven her words to be inconsistent and contradictroy regarding endorsements is not likely someone I would trust or look to when making consumer purchases.

And as stated on The Sociopathic Business Model™  home page:

It is up to each individual to apply their learned knowledge and decided if a company or organization is operating under The Sociopathic Business Model ™ or not.  Any information is good information, it’s what we choose to do with it that counts. 

Presenting facts is not always popular but it is protected:

FBI 2 25 plus dc final

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