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Who is STILL Funding Federally Convicted Earlens CEO William M Facteau?

Who is STILL Funding Federally Convicted Earlens CEO William M Facteau?

May 25, 2018

Earlens $20.00 million Fundraising. Federally Convicted William Facteau Filed May 22 D form

Fixed the headline from the May 25, 2018 post from  Goldman Blog

BOSTON July 2016– The former Chief Executive Officer William M Facteau and Vice President of Sales Patrick Fabian of Acclarent, Inc.,  a medical device company, were convicted by a federal jury in connection with distributing adulterated and misbranded medical devices.

William Facteau, 47, of Atherton, Cal., and Patrick Fabian, 49, of Lake Elmo, Minn., were convicted by a jury following a six week trial of 10 counts of introducing adulterated and misbranded medical devices into interstate commerce.

As taxpayers we’d like to think that once someone is federally convicted, on 10 federal counts, in 2016, that their sentencing would take place immediately, even pending an appeal.  Nope, that’s way too logical and apparently not how it works, at least for Judge Allison D. Burroughs.  Despite the best efforts of DOJ, FBI, FDA, DOD, CMS, a whistleblower AND a federal jury: William M. Facteau and Patrick Fabian remain free without accountability.


In fact, quite the opposite, Facteau and Fabian’s fraud convictions have given them street cred in venture capital world located in the heart of Silicon Valley and Redwood City, CA.

Federally convicted William M Facteau is currently CEO of venture capital funded startup Earlens and currently holds a board position at venture capital funded startup Procept Biorobotics, among his many impressive distinctions.

Jun 5, 2017 Series C – EarLens 10 $73M Vertex Ventures HC
Jun 5, 2017 Debt Financing – EarLens $45M CRG L.P.
Jun 16, 2016 Series C – EarLens $34M Vertex Ventures HC
Apr 14, 2014 Series B – EarLens $40M Aisling CapitalLightstone VenturesNew Enterprise Associates
Jan 29, 2013 Debt Financing – EarLens $1.6M
Jul 15, 2011 Venture Round – EarLens $500.1K
May 4, 2010 Series A – EarLens $4.6

Vertex Ventures, CRG, Aisling Capital, Lightstone Ventures, and NEA (New Enterprise Associates) sure are trusting a criminal with a lot of money.

Federally convicted Patrick Fabian, currently COO of then venture capital funded startup NxThera which was acquired by Boston Scientific in March 2018.

 The transaction consists of an upfront cash payment of $306 million, and up to an additional $100 million in potential commercial milestone payments over the next four years. Boston Scientific has an existing minority investment in NxThera, which is expected to result in a net upfront payment of approximately $240 million upon closing and milestone payments of up to $85 million

If you’re unhappy that convicted criminals are still being rewarded in the millions for their illegal behavior instead of being sentenced for their crimes please reach out to Judge Allison D. Burroghs and let her know.  We all say we want to see change but seldom are willing to take even the simple steps to enact change. This one is easy.  Just let the judge know you’d like William M. Facteau and Patrick Fabian sentenced pending their appeals.

Burroughs, Allison D.
Born 1961 in Boston, MA

Federal Judicial Service
Judge, U. S. District Court, District of Massachusetts
Nominated by Barack Obama on July 31, 2014, to a seat vacated by Rya Zobel; Confirmed by the Senate on December 16, 2014, and received commission on December 19, 2014.

Middlebury College BA 1983
University of Pennsylvania Law School, JD 1988
Judicial Assistant Terry Manning
Clerk’s Office
Courtroom Clerk
Karen Folan
617-748-4232 karen_folan@mad.uscourts.gov
Docket Clerk Christina McDonagh 617-748-9198 christina_mcdonagh@mad.uscourts.gov
Court Reporter Carol Scott 617-330-1377

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