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June 20, 2014

Boycott The Band Aid to bring awareness to the Gynecare Mesh Cases

One day after one of the country’s health boards voted to ban transvaginal mesh use in that country, Scotland’s Health Secretary Alex Neil has requested the use of mesh implants stop in Scotland until an investigation into mesh complications is conducted.  About 1,500 women undergo transvaginal mesh implants in Scotland every year, reports BBC. See their story here. MeshMedicalDeviceNewsDesk

Transvaginal Mesh Cases in 2010

Source: DrugWatch

1,500 Women in Scotland to 300,000 annually in the United States and yet there’s no recall.  Is it because Sheri Woodruff Johnson & Johnson spokesperson (the leader in transvaginal mesh) says that “many” view the mesh they still sell that causes bladder leaks as the “gold standard.”

Johnson & Johnson spokeswoman Sheri Woodruff the company continues to sell mesh gold standard


Would Sheri Woodruff be implanted with her Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Gynecare product??

Sheri Woodruff Johnson & Johnson Spokeswoman regarding Transvaginal Mesh

What about Bridget Ross  who was an executive at Janssen then Ethicon’s  Gynecare, would she have the mesh implanted?

Bridget Ross as Dorothy final

  • I am a woman who has suffered many years since my bladder surgery , not a JJ Product, and I will not say whose product here. It was a collagen , which makes it man made from pig or rabbit, it turns into polyurethane in the body.
    It is not computable with the human body. See research done by scientist and sworn court statements July 30, 2012. The polyurethane gets hard and breaks off in your body. Doctors don’t want to own up to this, even though they are not the doctor who put the device in you and have no negligence in what symptoms you entered their office with. What I don’t understand is why so many doctors are ducking this, blaming everything your going through besides what the problem is. I drove nearly 90 miles today to have a procedure to see how I was emptying my bladder. Will unless I take 40 mg of Lasix each day I don’t and after a few hours that wears off.I have to lean forward and push as hard as if I were having a BM or trying to give birth at times to urinate , although I have the URGE to go. When the nurse performing the test at the doctors office was not getting me to say my bladder fells full, she speeded up the IV solution going into the Cather, the results was the same as if you had a stopper in your sink and turned on the water full blast, it ran over, my bladder spilled over. NOW ! the nurse has her answer, I have an OVERACTIVE BLADDER. When I said an overactive bladder ? when usually I can’t even urinate, and I have to take a Lasix in order to so , that does not sound right. She told me to talk to the doctor about that.

    July 30, 2015 at 11:56 am

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