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What’s the Number One Reason Employees Quit Their Jobs?

What’s the Number One Reason Employees Quit Their Jobs?


Employees when leaving a company often are not truthful with HR as to why they’re really leaving.  Of course there’s not wanting to burn a bridge but it’s more likely fear of retaliation.  Personally, if I’ve left a company, it’s for a good reason and a 99% chance I would never go back anyway.  EEOC retaliation claims were the highest last year (2013), giving validity to another real concern. If an employee is honest, will they be retaliated against?

According to Monique Valcour’s, January 23, 2014 article If You’re Not Helping People Develop, You’re Not Management Material, the number one reason employees quit their jobs is because of a poor quality relationship with their direct manager.

No one wants to work for a boss who doesn’t take an interest in their development, doesn’t help them deepen their skills and learn new ones, and doesn’t validate their contributions. 

Sites like Cafepharma, where medical and pharmaceutical reps can discuss problems within the company anonymously are a thorn in the side of inept managers and HR.  Below is an example from a rep that clearly does not have a good or developmental relationship with their manager.



Insecure managers, afraid of exposure often take credit for their employees work or threaten an employee to be untruthful regarding their ability which further damage this relationship. These characteristics from The Sociopathic Business Model ™ that encourage, replicate, and, reward this type of behavior and frustrate valued employees who will ultimately leave.

“Good managers attract candidates, drive performance, engagement and retention, and play a key role in maximizing employees’ contribution to the firm. Poor managers, by contrast, are a drag on all of the above.  They cost your firm a ton of money in turnover costs and missed opportunities for employee contribution, and they do more damage than you realize.”

Again, from the site Cafepharma, a manager’s response to employees demonstrating there is no concern over employee retention, and directing they should do as they’re told.




Increasingly, companies running like a corrupt monarchy, where the King (CEO) demands the loyal subjects (employees) do as they’re told (even if illegal, especially if illegal), or it’s off with their heads!  Manipulating employees has become the focus over developing employees.

Recently, Google sent around a letter explaining how employees should feel, react, and, respond, regarding the Google bus controversy. Walmart, coaching managers how to respond if an employee mentions unions is a very slippery slope into corruption. If a company is telling an employee how to feel to think, it’s a manipulation.

Good management style starts at the top and companies have to want to develop their employees. Our careers are one of the most important relationships in your life and, we need to start acting like it!  We put up things at work that we’d never put up with in personal relationships.



January 30, 2014

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