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Want Your Employees to Hate You? Keep Doing these 5 Things!

Want Your Employees to Hate You? Keep Doing these 5 Things!


This list is compiled from a recent INC article demonstrating the quickest way for managers to get their employees to hate them:

You shift gears at the speed of a race car.


You email, text, and call them after hours.


I will add to this one: edit your emails and leave on voice mails specifically what you’d like to discuss and not just, “This is your  manager, call me back.”  Bullet the facts in both email and voicemail.


You don’t let go.


You don’t talk so they’ll listen and listen so they’ll talk.


You don’t give them resources to succeed.


And this list is compiled from The Sociopathic Business Model™ demonstrating the quickest way to become the most hated manager of all time.


You take credit for employee’s work.


You pathologically lie and manipulate.


It usually starts with inaccurate information regarding salary or the position and goes from there.


You threaten, blame and intimidate.


You demand loyalty regardless of laws.


As employees who are managed it would be interesting to see which manager style is more a deal breaker for you (the INC. top list) or (The Sociopathic Business Model ™ bottom list) and which you’ve encountered more in the ‘wild.’  Of if you’re a manager if you’re willing to admit you may utilize some of these traits.


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