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Unethical Network NBC’s TODAYShow & Local NBC New York Affiliate Make Tragic Virginia Media Shooting About Them.

Unethical Network NBC’s TODAYShow & Local NBC New York Affiliate Make Tragic Virginia Media Shooting About Them.

August 26, 2015

The NYPD isn’t just going to up security on NYC TV Stations unless prompted from the networks; but, if you’re a frequent reader of this page you’ll know NBC has no problem manipulating the facts while not recognizing the rights of others without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability.

And true to form NBC’s Today Show and their affiliate NBC New York exploited the tragic on-air shooting and killing in Virginia of CBS reporter Alison Parker and photographer Adam Ward.

Not only did NBC try and steal the spotlight away from a tragedy (and a rival network CBS) they tried to create panic and fear with local and national viewers because the last I checked Virginia is a good seven hours from NYC and there were no threats made in New York or any other station as this was a targeted attack. The shooter was identified as a former employee Vester Flanagan.

NBC has a pathological history of using tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™ where the unethical and or illegal behavior starts at the top and is encouraged, replicated and rewarded, no wonder local NBC TEGNA 12 News operates the way it does.

WARNING: The video below shows the gunman opening fire, viewers will find it disturbing.

Flannigan (also seeing Flanagan) stated Parker made racist comments to him. He filmed prior to the shooting stalking both victims like prey and the actual shooting which he posted to Facebook,  so there is no doubt this man deserves the death penalty (updated: he took his own life); but, that doesn’t mean the station is without fault if they allowed workplace abuse to go untreated.

Today is the worst of many issues: guns, racism, workplace violence, PTSD, untreated mental illness but it all relates to workplace abuse, something this site writes about almost daily.  Two lives were needlessly taken by a third who took his own and people who take their own lives are not usually sociopaths they are damaged.   His actions aren’t justified but this man clearly needed help.  There is much more to this story but I’m not sure we’ll ever know it.

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