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Uber’s New Logo Design Proving Thier Focus is on Image (HyperGrowth) & Not Substance (Sustainable Growth)

Uber’s New Logo Design Proving Thier Focus is on Image (HyperGrowth) & Not Substance (Sustainable Growth)

February 2, 2016

badgeThe Sociopathic Business Model™ VC funded startup Uber CEO Travis Kalanick Twitter Blocked VC Startup Whistleblower .jpg

When a venture capital funded startup CEO blocks a venture capital funded startup whistleblower on social media, it should raise a red flag to investors, employees, consumers and taxpayers.

Uber’s rebranding is a sign of venture capital-funded startup fraud

Uber Growth and Sales cannot meet the vaulation Killing My Career

The Sociopathic Business Model™ views Uber is an abusive corporation focused on branding or image where a business model based on hyperinflated projectionshypergrowth = overvaluation or fraud, which ends up costing employees, consumers, investors, and taxpayers.  The first red flag that a venture capital-funded startup is using tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™ is the unethical and or illegal treatment of their employees.The Sociopathic Business Model™ Venture Capital Funded Startups Unicorns are Imagined Not Real

Uber Drivers Protest Fare Cuts Ahead Of Super Bowl

Today, amid the drivers strike protesting fare cuts, Uber decided to opt for unveiling a new branding logo and then doubled-down without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability  to their employees, insultingly and demeaningly unleashing a “puppies on demand” program where the ad is direct a tie-in to the very Super Bowl they’re expected to drive through, now at lower rates.

2 2 2016 Uber new logo to distract from mounting legal problems

Fortunately, this is the year more than few venture capital-funded startup CEOs (CEnOs) get gored by the unicorn.  Foursquare’s now former CEO Dennis Crowley can hold the unemployment line for Uber’s CEO Travis Kalanick, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey, and Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes, who will no doubt be joining him later this year.  And I have no doubt the mistreated Uber employees will cheer like their at a bull fight when Kalanick finally meets the unicorn horn.

#LetThemEatCake said the #GodsOfFrauds 

This is a good example of a startup not knowing their market or not listening to customer feedback. Both are very good reasons startups don’t succeed (or why a CEO might not be sticking around much longer)

The Sociopathic Business Model™ Venture Capital Funded Startups Ubicorn Unicorn

Are Unethical Startup Venture Capital Firms & Executive #GodsOfFrauds Riding Unicorns at the expense of employees consumers investors & taxpayers

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