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Uber Manipulates Media with “Off-the-Record” COCKtail Party

Uber Manipulates Media with “Off-the-Record” COCKtail Party

January 12, 2015

Uber Off-The-Record COCKtail Party

Over the weekend it was leaked that Uber was hatching a new manipulative plan that does not recognize the rights of others where they’ll likely again blame victims, not take accountability and threaten and intimidate anyone who exposes the truth about their unethical and illegal activity.

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Josh Constine of TechCrunch let the world know tonight though that for a  few free drinks at Uber’s latest Off-the-Record COCKtail party this ethics could be bought.  Way to get out ahead of it Josh and out yourself as attending so when the backlash hits you can hide behind the transparency of your whoredom.

I’ll be there tonight assessing what Uber’s after, even if I can’t write about it. Josh Constine TechCrunch

So brave of you Josh, I sure hope TechCrunch offers hazard pay.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Any frequent reader of this site shouldn’t be shocked by Uber’s complete and total lack of ethics but for someone in the media to so blatantly  be manipulated by this tactic is just sad. How quickly journalists forget that just last year Uber  was plotting to dig up dirt on journalists who wrote truthfully about the company’s lack of ethics and illegal activity. Someone please leak the list of “journalists” in attendance of tonight’s Uber Off-the-Record COCKtail party so we can force accountability from people who are supposed to be reporting the news; but remember all accomplices eventually become victims.  Don’t worry Josh we’ll all be there when not if you become a victim of Uber with some encouraging words.


I sure hope he doesn’t incur price surging on his way back to Whore Island.

Oh and look who showed up to the party

via comments in the TechCrunch article

(cue the insults in 5…4…3…):

Uber via TechCrunch

Uber freaks are my favorite

Drew Olanoff is an Uber Troll

Guess tough talk from a lady made Drew Olanoff’s balls shrivel

@drew grow a pair

Drew Olanoff is an Uber Troll who blocks when mommy takes his balls

How will I ever recover???

Funnier still?

Drew Olanoff is the Director of Global Communications for TechCrunch

Drew Olanoff Director of Global Communication at TechCrunch

  • My very last ride EVER with Uber was in Phoenix. I was going to Mesa (the largest suburb) and the guy was mad at me because I couldn’t tell HIM how to get there, even AFTER I gave him my iPhone WITH A MAP to the location. He then had a wreck WITH ME IN THE CAR. Horrible.

    January 12, 2015 at 7:18 pm

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