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“Truth-Telling” by Press-Release: Alexis Neely (Katz) Funding Boulder Protests: Our Hero!

“Truth-Telling” by Press-Release: Alexis Neely (Katz) Funding Boulder Protests: Our Hero!

UPDATED: July 24, 2015 Law Business Mentors

Alexis Neely Ali Shanti Law Business Mentors

Family Wealth Planning Institute, LLC
Lift Foundation Systems, LLC
Its (sic) All Happening, LLC
Eyes Wide Open LLC
New Law Business Model aka Law Business Mentors
Personal Family Lawyer aka America’s Personal Family Lawyer
The Alexis M. Neely 2005 Irrevocable Trust
The AMN 2010 Irrevocable Trust

Money Map to Freedom™

UPDATED January 14, 2015

Ali Shanti’s Facebook post

Blah Blah Blah (hit the link above if you want to read the full manifesto)

The cyber bullies who write about me make me laugh because they seem to think I must be ripping people off to have life this good. It’s that mentality that keeps them stuck at jobs they hate with only a life of writing mean things about people to entertain them.

Rather fact based evidence proves she was sued by a client for taking unethical and illegal liberties with her client’s money. Read all about it here in: UPDATED HATERS VS. FORCED ACCOUNTABILITY: THE ALEXIS MARTIN NEELY CASE STUDY “THE TRUTH-TELLING LAWYER”?

The truth is that I am able to travel wherever I want, whenever I want, and spend my time with whoever I want (doing my great work all along the way in ways that are super fun to me) because I have invested years and millions (yes a fraction of that from credit cards that I defaulted on along the way, which was part of my learning process as it is for many great teachers) in creating work that helps thousands of people love their own work and lives more.

Here’s a government study link that may help: delusional jealousy as it relates to neurological disorders 

I took the risks others are unwilling to take, made the investments, put in the long hours, blood, sweat and tears to build programs and products of true meaning and impact.

Ali Shanti Alexis Neely making housing suggestions for her mother

Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely in 2014 planning for her mother Source: RBD

Ali Shanti Alexis Neely's mother declining her daughters suggestion of housing choices

And her mother respectfully declining the request of moving when she clearly

states she’s happy in her current home.  Haven’t these people heard of email for private conversations?

The risks Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely is referring to are with other people’s money, like the above mentioned client who sued her, or manipulating her own mother (who refused to invest) and then relented while her daugher filmed the event.  So brave Ali to risk what’s not yours.  Sure glad Ali Shanti/Alexis Neely can laugh about unethical behavior she disguises as “cyber bullying”  but I’m guessing her victims aren’t laughing.

Ali Shanti Alexis Neely Responds to Family Trust Case 1 14 2015

Plantiff’s Attorney: Alexis Martin Neely (Martin Neely & Associates) the lawsuit describes her actions as willful and despicable lying

Martin Neely never discussed the conflict of interest but instead represented Rebeccaand family in the following areas, instructing Rebecca on ways to protect her son’s(correction brother’s) interests in the Trust, and tax information, according to the cases as well as:


Fact:  Alexis Martin Neely was sued under Martin Neely & Associates (even though she was the only attorney at the self-created firm.) Is that more inconsistent and contradictory language and actions?  Is that a manipulation of the facts for financial benefit?  

Wow Ali that imaginary associate created and made the error?


UPDATED December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Someone gifted (likely grifted) the site a virus.

People who don’t want the truth exposed will often employ this tactic

from the very business model that describes them best: The Sociopathic Business Model™.

Nothing like a lightning rod to the fraud as this isn’t the first time

and likely not the last time this will happen.

Maleware Virus The Sociopathic Business Model 12 25 2014

Fortunately these people are usually on the radar of others as well.

FBI Killing My Career

DOJ Killing My Career

December 23, 2014


The Many Faces and Names of Alexis Martin Neely Ali Shanti

The many faces of Alexis Martin Neely/Ali Shanti

Everyone’s favorite self-promoting, Business Priestess,  “truth-telling” lawyer Alexis Martin Neely (aka Ali Shanti) is at it again, this time she’s shelling out $1,000 a month to Gary Roland who’s organizing protests in Boulder, CO.   Frequent readers of this site will notice that’s quite a departure from Neely/Shanti’s usual scam business model of taking money.

#PRSpinAliShanti aka Alexis Neely

And I believe that when we do that that we can shift the pattern that exists now in which our parents don’t feel confident or trust that they can rely on us and as a result feel that they need to hoard their resources in retirement accounts, 401Ks, IRAs, businesses and hoard those resources in a way that tries to assure them some semblance of safety and security even though deep down inside they know that there is no security there. And so they feel insecure, they don’t trust, they fear.

Yep parents don’t hoard your hard earned money hand it over to your grifting children so you can eventually become a Dateline Special where your accounts are wiped out, you’re tied to a chair if not buried under the house all so your self-entitled children can avoid actual work.

Whole Truth Program Alexis Neely Ali Shanti Manipulate parents for money

Well good thing this manipulation and not recognizing the rights of others, is on camera so her mother can claim (and prove) she agreed to loan invest money in her daughter’s business under duress.  Ali Shanti/Alexis Martin Neely has another website she’s promoting now called WholeTruthShow.com as a platform for her reality show.  Funny thing is when I think of Ali Shanti/Alexis Martin Neely and her many name changes and her many business name changes truth is the last thing that comes to mind

I sure hope her mother was provided all the facts about the reality show her daughter is filming so she could enter into this investment with her Eyes Wide Open.

So yes, the idea that Neely/Shanti is funding someone to protest and asking her mother for money for her business is inconsistent & contradictory language to action and a trigger for a yet another Case Study for The Sociopathic Business Model™.

Daily Camera Boulder News

By Charlie Brennan

Camera Staff Writer

(Text for the Case Study taken directly from the article and compared to the characteristics of The Sociopathic Business Model™ with the purpose of providing fact based evidence to allow consumers to make better informed choices.

Alexis Neely, a 41-year-old transplant to Colorado in 2010 from Los Angeles, stated in a news release, and subsequently confirmed in an interview, that she is paying organizer Gary Roland to support his staging of the protests. A headline on the release referred to her as “the money behind biggest Boulder protest in years.”

Ali Shanti Success 3.0 Summit

Business Priestess Ali Shanti (aka Alexis Neely)

In Tuesday’s interview, she said she is paying Roland “about $1,000” a month.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Neely/Shanti recently attended the Success 3.0 Summit where she stated she was a paid speaker.  Success 3.0 Summit is funded by a shell out of the country known as Center of Integral Wisdom (CIW).  CIW in conjunction with Success 3.0 Summit have two very unique people in common, child rapist Marc Gafni and C0-CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey.   (And if you think Neely/Shanti/Business Priestess/Truth-Telling Lawyer has a lot of names-Marc Gafni has about ten times as many-please take a minute to read this to catch up on the whole story). Whole Foods was the Premium donor at Success 3.0 Summit.

In her news release, Neely stated, “Gary came to Boulder two months ago. He had no money and was going to work in a bookstore to make ends meet. Work like that would have kept Gary from investing the time necessary to stage and support the protest that happened here in Boulder a few weeks ago.

“How did Gary find 60 hours a week to organizing (sic) this protest? Two words … Alexis Neely.”

Although the release refers repeatedly to “Gary,” it never mentions his surname.

Changing of names to distance from crimes is a tactic often used in the Sociopathic Business Model™.  But who sends out a press release and doesn’t include a last name of whom the press release is about unless there’s more to this story? (barring sexual assault cases, etc.). Alexis Neely used her big girl name on the press release she sent out and not her Business Priestess name of Ali Shanti. (Honestly? How could anyone honestly trust someone with so many names and titles that are only meant to deflect from any real discernable talents?)

“He is just being supported to survive, so that he can have food and shelter and so that he can not have to work at a bookstore.” Neely/Shanti

Wow he can do all that on a $1,000 a month? Neely/Shanti is nothing if not predictable at this point-pathologically predictable in not recognizing the rights of others, manipulating, superficial charm (sending out the press release), lack of shame, remorse, guilt, accountability, and taking credit for others work. 

In a separate interview, Roland, 35, described the payments from Neely — whom he terms “a visionary” — as a “stipend.” He said it is really to support his organizing around fracking protests, and that the payments were actually suspended for December — but that he hopes they’re renewed in January.

Roland knew Neely’s news release was to be issued but said he had not seen it in its final form before it was distributed.

“I wish I had got a chance to edit it, and walk back some of the language that appears to take credit for everything,” Roland said.

“But in a way I understand it,” said Roland, who was active in both Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Sandy in New York, before coming west with plans to study poetry at Naropa University. “Ali put it out because she wanted to let people know what she’s doing, and that’s great.

“I wish I could have worked with her a little bit on the language before she put it out, but everything happens for a reason and should be known, as far as keeping organizers accountable.”

Neely’s release called the Dec. 6 protest — the second of three consecutive Saturday marches that closed down major intersections of the city — “the biggest protest in Boulder in years,” putting the number at “over 600” participants.

The Daily Camera, in its coverage, reported the number as “an estimated 500” protesters, relying primarily on police radio scanner traffic.

Boulder police spokeswoman Kim Kobel said officers estimated the crowd on Dec. 6 to number “between 200 and 225,” based on “visual appraisals of the protesters from officers working the event.”

Neely/Shanti, we get it-math is hard or pathological lying is easier.

She did not, she said, participate, in the recent Boulder street protests.

“That’s why I support Gary,” she said. “I don’t have time. I spend all day, every day, behind my computer, creating content, creating teams, coaching people. … I don’t have the time and space to protest. But I still want to support it, and that’s why I finance it.”

Well, that comes across as a little insulting, demeaning, and taking credit for other’s work.

Much of this story still isn’t adding up not unlike most things concerning Alexis Neely/Ali Shanti and not unlike CIW, Success 3.0 Summit and Whole Foods.

Whole Foods PR follows Daily Camera on Twitter 12 27 2014

Whole Foods Market PR follows The Daily Camera

Whole Foods Market based in Austin, Texas via their Twitter page Whole Foods Market PR interestingly follows Boulder, CO newspaper The Daily Camera.

  • Ash Girl

    I’m sure her mom is sleeping soundly at night, knowing that her ethically, morally and literally previously bankrupt daughter is in charge of her mom’s monetary funds.

    December 30, 2014 at 2:33 pm
  • Ash Girl

    “…and forced my insurance company to settle with Rebecca even though they wanted to take it to court and fight her claims”. Isn’t it interesting how compulsive liers have to pile on lies to cover up their shameful behavior, even though the premise behind the lie is so implausible that it doesn’t even pass “the giggle test”.

    In a nutshell: the insured cannot force the insurer to do anything other than what the insurer is contractually obligated to do, that is to pay out the claim against the insured or defend the insured against claims in court and pay out the award on behalf of the insured if they lose in court. When the insured is sued for malpractice, the insurance company evaluates the claim and determines the “exposure”. This “exposure” gets reevaluated after discovery and depositions if the case proceeds that far (a malpractice suit usually does). If the insurance company determines that the “exposure” is substantially greater than a possible settlement, it will try to convince the insured to settle. There is no way that an insurance company can be forced to settle a court case by the insured, and especially not by the argument “it’s the right thing to do”. Insurance companies are in the business of risk mitigation. They will selttle if the “exposure” is much greater than the settlement amount.

    January 16, 2015 at 6:39 pm

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