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Tough Call-Who’s the Bigger Pig-Pervert or Judge?

Tough Call-Who’s the Bigger Pig-Pervert or Judge?

Judge Jan Jurden

Judge Jan Jurden gave a DuPont heir, Robert H. Richards IV, probation for raping his 3-year-old daughter. Judge Jurden who should be ordered to be a piñata at the little girl’s next birthday, decided in her infinite wisdom, suspended Richards’ eight-year prison sentence, because Richards “will not fare well” in prison.  Ahh yeah, isn’t that the idea?

Richards, who is unemployed and supported by a trust fund, owns a 5,800-square-foot mansion in Greenville he bought for $1.8 million in 2005. He also lists a home in the exclusive North Shores neighborhood near Rehoboth Beach, according to the state’s sex abuse registry. His great-grandfather is du Pont family patriarch Irenee du Pont, and his father is Robert H. Richards III, a retired partner in the Richards Layton & Finger law firm.

If you are outraged by this story then please sign this petition to get Judge Jurden fired!  

And if you’d like to Boycott DuPont here’s a Facebook Page

I didn’t start either of these campaigns but obviously support them.

And to download the app for your phone to :  Boycott Dupont


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