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Today’s Focus Campaign

Today’s Focus Campaign

Johnson & Johnson in the headlines for all the wrong reasons:

Gorsky Wharton final

Demand that Johnson & Johnson update and correct their website to properly reflect the executive and senior management bios of Alex Gorsky and Gary Pruden with all their exact titles at Janssen which will permanently tie them to the Risperdal crimes via SEO (search engine optimization) forever.  Just because the $2.2 billion fine is paid and forgotten, does not mean we should forget who was involved and how they were linked.  We know the devastated families of the 31 children that died and the young male adolscents who grew breasts, will never forget.   Should we let the executives, who never went to jail, and keep getting promoted, forget?

Johnson & Johnson CEO, Alex Gorsky, is quoted as saying:

“You don’t have to get it 100% right. When you get it 60%, go! Any more time that you spend trying to figure it out, you’re going to lose in the speed that you’re missing out on.”

Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals were charged by the DOJ in November of 2013, $2.2 Billion for off label marketing and illegal kickbacks for Risperdal.  No executives or senior management went to jail despite 31 children dying (11 of which were from off label marketing of Risperdal) and adolescent males grew breasts.

As consumers we should never forget what company and their subsidiary was involved and which executive and senior management were linked to the Risperdal crimes.  We need to watch the careers of these Executive ‘players’ like we do major athletes and start tracking their moves to make sure they do not become repeat offenders.

 Alex Gorsky is hired at Janssen Pharmecutica (1988-2003) where, according to the Johnson & Johnson bio company bio for ‘15 years, he advanced through positions of increasing responsibility in sales, marketing, and management.’ Then Alex Gorsky became President of Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

According to government’s complaint documents:  1998 to 2003  — Gorsky was vice president of marketing for Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen unit then became president. He was responsible for selling Risperdal, a drug whose biggest customer was Omnicare, according to the government. Sales of Risperdal increased tremendously during that time.”

It would appear Johnson & Johnson left, Alex Gorsky Vice President of Marketing at Janssen Pharmaceutical off the company bio.  And again with another senior manager:

1985 Gary Pruden hired at Janssen Pharmecutica (1985-2001) where, according to his bio on the Johnson & Johnson website, he held a ‘number of senior positions in sales, marketing, and strategic account management.’ Again, according to court documents:  In a deposition Gary Pruden, is listed as Janssen Director of Marketing page 3 bottom  (http://propulsid.laed.uscourts.gov/Orders/jointr7.pdf)

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