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The Sociopathic Business Model™: Senator John Kerry & Edward Snowden Patriot vs. Traitor Case Study

The Sociopathic Business Model™: Senator John Kerry & Edward Snowden Patriot vs. Traitor Case Study

May 28, 2014

The first thing we need is for the government to say something that is inconsistent and contradictory to fact to start an Edward Snowden Case Study on the hype of Brian William’s interview.  Senator John Kerry speaking on behalf of the US Government called Edward Snowden a traitor on the Today show this morning.

If Edward Snowden wanted to be a traitor couldn’t he have sold the information without letting the World know?  Couldn’t he have done what Aldrich Ames did?

Aldrich Hazen Ames (born May 26, 1941) is a former Central Intelligence Agencycounterintelligence officer and analyst, who in 1994 was convicted of spying for the Soviet Union and Russia. So far as it is known, Ames compromised the second-largest number of CIA assets—second only to those betrayed by Robert Hanssen. While spending nine years working in CIA counter-intelligence, he declared an annual income of $60,000 but his credit card spending of up to $30,000 a month funded a lifestyle that included a new Jaguar and a $540,000 house that was paid for in cash.[2

Edward Snowden didn’t get “caught” and then came “clean,” he “caught” the US Government (NSA) unethically and illegally spying on at the very least law abiding US Citizens. The Government is still not sure of the scope of all the information that Edward Snowden has and since it took nine years to “catch” Aldrich Ames, Snowden could have been long gone with billions in the bank; but, Snowden decided to tell not sell the information. Checklist of Characteristic of The Sociopathic Business Model Senator Kerry refuses to address if the US Government revoked Snowden’s passport and what he did for the government (President Obama previously referred to him as “some hacker”More inconsistent and contradictory language and demonstrates he does not want to be challenged. 

“I am a technical specialist,” he said. “I am a technical expert. I don’t work with people. I don’t recruit agents. What I do is I put systems to work for the United States. And I’ve done that at all levels from — from the bottom on the ground all the way to the top. Now, the government might deny these things, they might frame it in certain ways and say, ‘Oh, well, you know, he’s a low-level analyst.’ ” New York Times

Saying the NSA would hire a “low-level analyst” is inconsistent and condtradictory to the purpose and function of the organization.

Senator Kerry is glib regarding Edward Snowden

Senator Kerry used Edward Snowden as an “accomplice” and when Snowden no longer agreed to go along with illegal and unethical behavior he became a “victim.” 

Senator Kerry’s responses were verbal outbursts showing

 poor behavior control

containing insults and demeaning language towards Snowden

meant to motivate through fear and intimidation and create hopelessness

Senator Kerry was quick to place blame while not taking accountability. 

It’s important to show the distinction that the government isn’t denying the fact that the information collected was factual but are only finding fault that their unethical and illegal behavior was exposed on a World Wide level

The Government is not willing to give Edward Snowden any “concessions” and allow him to return to the Country and yet we see the Department of Justice gives criminals like CEO of Johnson & Johnson Alex Gorsky “concessions,” all the time by just paying a fine instead of jail time for killing 31 children. Let’s start putting the right people in jail and recognize that the truth may not be pretty but forced accountability from the government isn’t a crime it is protecting the American people.

This story like the Phoenix VA story would never had seen the ligh of day and been mired in red tape and lack of transparency if it hadn’t been played out in the court of public opinion.

And with that:  Way to go Snow!  You are a patriot and this point and bringing you home should be pivotal in the 2016 elections!!!



  • Pastor Jim

    Huzzah! I heard ole John boy shouting “Traitor!” on the news last night and couldn’t believe I’d actually backed him at one time. Your Sociopathic Model has been fully adopted by all politicians as far as I can see. Keep it up. You are doing God’s work here.

    May 29, 2014 at 6:10 am

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