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The Sociopathic Business Model™: Racism & Sexism: Boycott IAC Brands for Rehiring Sexist CEO Sean Rad Back to Tinder

The Sociopathic Business Model™: Racism & Sexism: Boycott IAC Brands for Rehiring Sexist CEO Sean Rad Back to Tinder

UPDATED (below in main story): August 13, 2015   BOYCOTT all of  IAC Brands  for rehiring sexist CEO Sean Rad back at Tinder 

March 21, 2015

The Sociopathic Business Model™ maintains that IF a company is willing to over-look employee EEOC rights (retaliation, race or sex discrimination) THEN they are likely to engage in far greater unethical and or illegal activity.  Racism & Sexism often go hand in hand in the male dominated fields of startups, tech, and med device which have often been chronicled on this site as the trigger to crimes that harm not just a few select individuals but rather every taxpayer.    There are patterns is fraud and if we start to identify those patterns earlier we can perhaps prevent future greater crimes.

There are varying degrees of victimization but no one victim should ever be dismissed without the opportunity to seek justice from their abuser; and, the workplace is not an exception but rather where we should start looking more closely.

Mass Device part of the sexism problem or solution

Mass Device Brad Perriello

The title reads:  “Sales reps” Level $50 million sex discrimination lawsuit against Boston Scientific (med device company) but not unnoticeable the article states Denise Fretter was a Regional Manager and Maria Kosgaard was actually a territory manager (or sales rep) at Boston Scientific .  This may seem like splitting hairs that an industry website didn’t make the distinction but insulting & demeaning women is consistent with the way women are treated in the medical device industry.  How do I know? Well that’s one of the reasons this site was started.

 “Boston Scientific is fully committed to diversity – it’s a core value of our company – and to providing equal employment opportunities for all of our employees,” Kelly Leadem Spokeswoman for Boston Scientific.  “We believe this case lacks merit, and is led by a law firm known for filing many similar complaints against companies. We intend to vigorously defend against the claims and allegations in this case.”

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Is it a manipulation that companies use women to speak out against and discredit other women?  Johnson & Johnson’s spokeswoman Sheri Woodruff spoke about how some say the mesh that’s injured women (36,000 cases in state & federal court) is the “gold standard,” and now Kelly Leadhem, spokeswoman for Boston Scientific is speaking out against women filing sexual discrimination lawsuits.  The Sociopathic Business Model also maintains that all accomplices eventually become victims; and, something especially women should be cognizant of before defending a company’s possible unethical and or illegal activity.

The Sociopathic Business Model™ Sexism Startups Killing My Career


There are fewer women than men in medical device sales and of the women that are in device even fewer still with diversity.  Add startup medical device in the mix (my former wheelhouse) and those numbers look like 8 female reps to 72 male reps and no diversity at that time.  Startups can’t be sued for racism if there’s no diversity and that’s the same logic that’s kept so few women in the industry.

The-Sociopathic-Business-Model™ EEOC to Case Study

I wrote about my own sex discrimination and retaliation in Startups Behaving Badly which also mentions the recent sex discrimination and retaliation of Ellen Pao  and her lawsuit against her former employer Silicon Valley’s most fabled venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.  This is not a trend but rather entrenched in the a corrupt business model that encourages, replicates and rewards unethical and illegal behavior aimed at targeting women.

“[Boston Scientific Neuromodulation Corp.] fosters a culture where male members of management are free to harass and denigrate women, with impunity. Complaining to superiors about discrimination is widely known as committing ‘career suicide,'” according to the lawsuit.

“Female sales representatives in different regions across the country are subjected to similar forms of discriminatory treatment, ranging from blatant sexual advances to unfairly taking away accounts or upping quotas – in other words, setting female sales representatives up for lower compensation, missing targets, harsher working conditions, and other barriers to achieving equal pay and promotion opportunities for equal work,” the plaintiffs allege.

‘Career suicide’ or (Killing My Career) but I’m grateful that more women like former Boston Scientific Manager Denise Fretter and territory manager Maria Kosgaard are coming forward; and, that Whitney Wolfe former VP of Marketing at Tinder forced accountability and set the wheels in motion for her abusers Justin Mateen’s “decision” to resign  and ultimately the firing of CEO Sean Rad November 4, 2014.

Sean Rad (fired now rehired CEO of Tinder), Whitney Wolfe and IAC's Barry Diller

Sean Rad (fired now rehired CEO of Tinder), Whitney Wolfe and IAC’s Barry Diller

Tinder co-founder and CEO Sean Rad — who allegedly described Barry Diller, the head of parent IAC/InterActiveCorp, as a d–k along with a picture to illustrate the insult — is finally headed for the exit. New York Post

UPDATED: August 13, 2015

BOYCOTT all of  IAC Brands  for rehiring sexist CEO Sean Rad back at Tinder 

Boycott ALL IAC Brands as a means to #ForceAccountability on the company for rehiring sexist CEO Sean Rad back at Tinder.

Each of these brands should put pressure (#ForcedAccountability) back on IAC to remove Sean Rad permanently from any IAC Brand.  IAC’s decision could hurt their other brands like The Princeton Review, The Daily Beast and Vimeo to name a few.


It’s not uncommon for the original CEO to be in place if a possible sale were about to go through. IAC is the parent company but Tinder still operates like a startup.  It instills greater confidence with investment buyers and may explain the unethical decision to allow Rad return to Tinder as CEO.   If IAC were finally getting ready to swipe left on the app for good, it’s understandable as Tinder has a pathological problem of unethical behavior which was again highlighted on Twitter this week in response to the Vanity Fair article Twitter and the Dawn of the “Dating Apocalypse”  by Nancy Jo Sales.

Tinder’s response and subsequent tantum with Nancy Jo Sales is a Case Study for another day.

Even if Rad’s return is  short lived and he’s there to help IAC transition through a possible sell it’s still too long because it’s part a systemic problem of encouraging, replicating & rewarding unethical and illegal behavior, not unique to a startup-like environment, but certainly much more prevalent.

For more on startup operations through sale

For more on understanding the difference between Marketing vs Branding

Back to the original story: This is just the beginning of a much bigger problems though-so all those entitled white males reading this thinking this doesn’t apply to them-think again:

The-Sociopathic-Business-Model™ Encouraged, Replicated and Rewarded

This unethical & illegal behavior will escalate eventually costing companies millions if not billions in federal fines patients their lives,  and employees their jobs all while costing the taxpayers money; and, it all starts with companies not recognizing the rights of others.

Updated Example from Boston Scientific: B H G Quality Manager to Judge Goodwin Re: An Overview of the Situation and Sequence of Events that Led to Now Sharing the Fact that Boston Scientific Corporation has a history of Manufacturing Defective Product.

  • Melayna,

    This is one of your very best. So on target!! And so well written. Having been a steel broker for about 30 years, I always had to be better than my male counterparts, know the product better and work harder just to be in the steel marketplace. I always called myself a “steel salesman” and my philosophy was, it does not matter how you describe me as long as you buy my steel. I was offered a job in 1987 with a major steel supplier at $30,000.00 a year but turned it down because I knew I would never go anywhere if I did. I had to start my own company to be paid what the men were making back then, $50,000.00 a year. It was a struggle for sure, owning my own business, but at least I had a chance to be paid the same!

    Thanks for continuing to shed light on the “Sociopathic Business Model”(c) you have so aptly named as we will all benefit from your fight for right!!

    March 21, 2015 at 8:48 pm

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