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The Grifts that Keep On Grifting: A Series of Case Studies

The Grifts that Keep On Grifting: A Series of Case Studies

May 16, 2014


Clark Rockefeller

Grifter – a person who swindles you by means of deception or fraud

Synonyms: scammer, sharper, chiseler, chiseller, swindler, gouger, sharpie,sharpy

Characteristics of a grifter (often very similar to those used within The Sociopathic Business Model)

Christian Gerhartsreiter, his true identity, went most famously by Clark Rockefeller, as well as five other identities for more than 25 years, becoming a world class con artist across high class society.  He was a physicist, an art collector, a ship captain and a financial advisor.  The German immigrant even went by Clark Rockefeller, claiming to be an heir to the Rockefeller fortune.  If you aren’t familiar with this story it’s a pretty good cases study that we can use as a benchmark against other individuals.

Inconsistent language and contradictory actions are always a good start to a flag an individual for further investigation creating a Case Study.  The purpose it to provide tools for readers to quickly identify if someone is possibly targeting them for a scam or fraud and determine on an individual basis if they would want to do business or engage with someone on a personal or professional level.  We’ll provide the facts and it’s up the individual to decide what works for them.

Grifters have been around since the beginning of time; and, sadly much like cockroaches they may be the only surviving group after a nuclear apocalypse.  A grifter (s) as an individual or small group that parasitically attach themselves to successful fields like startups, law, psychology, etc. and manipulate (their greatest gift along with charm) people into becoming their friends or clients who will eventually become victims for the grifters’ personal financial gain.  

The SBM with Logo final

Grifters who engage in unethical or illegal behavior will continue to do so until stopped.  If they are not stopped they view this as sort of “green light” or encouragement to replicate their illegal or unethical behavior leaving a trail of victims behind.  They befriend their victims and is the reason why so many victims are embarrassed and reluctant to come forward and personally feel they were somehow responsible for the actions.

When grifters are held accountable legally they often change their names or move to a different city to dissassociate from previous crimes.  The internet is making it much more difficult for grifters to hide but it doesn’t mean they don’t do everything in their power to bury the truth and threaten and intimidate anyone who is trying to expose the truth.

This page has mainly looked at larger organizations acting unethically or illegal but the same principles can also be applied to individuals for YOU to make the best decisions for YOU and YOUR FAMILY.  If grifters go unchecked long enough and aren’t stopped in the early states they move up the food chain to with far greater reach of hurting people not only financially but with bodily harm or even death.

If any of you have any individuals you have questions about, send your suggestions along and we’ll run them through The Sociopathic Business Model™.


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