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The CDC and Nancy Snyderman are to Blame for Ebola Nurse #2 Traveling

The CDC and Nancy Snyderman are to Blame for Ebola Nurse #2 Traveling

October 16, 2014


#NBC Fire Nancy Snyderman <—-Change.Org Campaign

#CDC is Victim Blaming

CDCBlame Chart for Ebola

The CDC’s glib and superficial response to Ebola since it first entered the country by not sending trained people directly to Texas to handle the Ebola outbreak, not making quarantines mandatory to help with containment, and the misinformation between airborne and air droplets regarding spreading of Ebola are inconsistent and contradictory language to action causing fear and mistrust in the general public. The CDC’s inability to take accountability, lack of shame remorse or guilt over the way the Ebola outbreak while demeaning, insulting and blaming the victims  is creating hopelessness in the Ebola victims and not instilling trust in the American people.

Nancy Snydermans lack of responsibility or accountability apology

NBC Chief Medical Correspondent, Nancy Snyderman’s, glib and superficial apology lacked accountability, shame, remorse or guilt for breaking voluntary Ebola quarantine to obtain soup and was irresponsible given her position and title within the public which demonstrated a manipulation and not recognizing the rights of others.

Nancy Snyderman’s irresponsible actions (do as I say not as I do or rarely challenged at work) response to the serious Ebola outbreak along with the CDC’s lack of transparency and accountability are to blame for the 2nd Nurse Ebola victim, Amber Vinson, flying  during voluntary quarantine.  The CDC needs to take accountability and NBC needs to force accountability from Nancy Snyderman and fire her for her unethical behavior.

Unchecked unethical or illegal corporate behavior will escalate

while being encouraged, replicated and rewarded

at a high cost to the public



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