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Tesla Was NEVER a Growth OR Demand Story: Neither EVER Existed

Tesla Was NEVER a Growth OR Demand Story: Neither EVER Existed

May 31, 2019

Growth and demand, two words used by both fans and foes, that elusively swirl around Tesla like cotton candy made in humidity during a torrential downpour.   It’s messy, sticky, leaves people unsatisfied and wondering if it ever existed. It didn’t. No matter how passionately bulls or fans, believe Tesla’s demand is unlimited, making the growth unlimited, or inversely how passionately bears-or those shorting the stock $TSLAQ,  prove demand & growth are on the decline, both are wrong.  One is less wrong (hint: that’s $TSLAQ), and we’ll get to that in part 2.

First let’s address the one thing, even The United States Department of Justice DOJ, had a tough time wrapping their collective brains around:

Companies are knowingly & willingly building fraud into their business model

based on false projections to give the appearance of hypergrowth for

an overvaluation, which is fraud.

False projections prove

growth & demand never existed.

The Sociopathic Business Model© 

The Fraud Formula©

I know, you’re thinking, I’m crazy because Tesla has sold cars. We seem them on the road, someone is demanding them.  Sales grew and then they declined, it’s the classic argument over growth and demand.


Media & the market conflating, or failing to make the distinction between new product launch demand & growth; and long-term sustainable demand & growth, is exactly why the Tesla growth & demand story never existed. 

A new product launch intrinsically has demand and growth built in;

because, selling anything above zero is considered growth based on demand.

The Sociopathic Business Model©

Fraud Formula©

A product launch is something I’ve had the luxury of doing conservatively 30 times in my 13-year sales and marketing career in pharmaceuticals, medical devices sales and lastly startup medical device sales.  I make the distinction because what I didn’t realize earlier in my career regarding false projections became abundantly clear at the end of my career. (You know? When I was Killing My Career) And by luxury, I mean after initial, organic launch sales, I was–along with every other sales rep,  forced by executives and management to falsely project above what the quota was to fraudulently over-value to company.

Growth and demand cannot be built on something that never existed,

unless it’s illegally manipulated.

The Sociopathic Business Model©

Fraud Formula©

False projections are a big ole fuck you to government regulators-designed to protect, to employees, consumers, patients shareholders (long-term) and taxpayers; and, the company’s way of saying our illegal profits are more important than your safety, health or lastly money.

False Sales Projections

(based on investor ROI, NOT what the market can bear)

Give the Appearance of Hypergrowth

(creates a surplus of products lacking in quality & safety)

Overvaluation Fraud

(manipulative often illegal tactics used to sell surplus)

The Sociopathic Business Model©

Fraud Formula©

If you’ve never worked in sales or had a quota attached to your head–good for you.  There are two absolutes in false projection quota-based sales:  just because you wouldn’t do something, doesn’t mean someone else wouldn’t-so get on board with fraud or get fired; and, executives and management demand their opinion be accepted as fact without evidence.

End of Part 1



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