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Sunshine Act Reveals Pharma & Device Paid out $3.5 Billion to Physicians: How Much Was Paid to Media?

Sunshine Act Reveals Pharma & Device Paid out $3.5 Billion to Physicians: How Much Was Paid to Media?

Updated: July 1, 2015

CMS Open Payments Data as it relates to payouts

UPDATED October 1, 2014 : “Out Of Context” is just PRSpin

September 30, 2014

JNJ WSJ Native Press Releases Killing My Career

Johnson & Johnson Advertising Budget Breakdown

Drug and medical-device companies paid at least $3.5 billion to U.S. physicians during the final five months of last year, according to the most comprehensive accounting so far of the financial ties that some critics say have compromised medical care. WSJ

The figures come from a new federal government transparency initiative. The 2010 Affordable Care Act included a provision dubbed the Sunshine Act which should also include what the industry paid to media

Click here—>CMS Open Payments to find out about specific physician payments.

And Click here—->How to protect yourself as a patient using the tools from the Sunshine Act.

UPDATED: Fierce Pharma Marketing

A few things are certain about the Sunshine Act data that hit the Internet Tuesday afternoon. One, it’s incomplete. Two, it’s controversial. Three, the numbers are pretty staggering, with $3.5 billion in payments to 546,000 doctors and 1,360 research institutions over a 5-month period.

The biggest payment to a single physician? Roxane Laboratories, a division of Boehringer Ingelheim, paid a San Antonio, TX, doctor $262,000 for clinical trial services. In second place, Vertex Pharmaceuticals ($VRTX), with a $233,000 consulting fee to a Massachusetts doctor. Drug in question? Not identified. Meaning of either of these two payments? Unclear.

#PRSpinUnSpun Out of Context / Open Payments / Research Institutions 

Physicians and companies are concerned this list might make them look badly or unethical so they’ve spun the phrase “out of context,” hoping people won’t apply logic to a situation. The context is regardless of what the payment is for in some cases it’s unethical, illegal, certainly a conflict of interest and dangerous to the American public.

Sunshine Top Paid Doctors and Institutions

Research Institutions

Well that sounds very nice and like it’s helping out the community but in reality there is an industry wide belief that whatever products medical residence use during their residency at teaching or research institutions they are likely to use when out on their own. Kind of like how people in the toothpaste industry know that what you used as a child is likely what you’ll use in adulthood.  It’s grooming the business and nothing more.

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    Hacking “smart” med devices:


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    October 23, 2014 at 5:44 am

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