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Steve Jobs-Dead: Still More Successful Than the Rest of Us

Steve Jobs-Dead: Still More Successful Than the Rest of Us

March 23, 2015


Not sure how many more books or movies we need about re-writing the less than glowing history of deceased Apple CEO Steve Jobs but the latest (released tomorrow) is supposed to have six new things (guessing canonized into sainthood is #1): unless someone has the balls to call the man a sociopath I’m not interested. If you are here’s the link: CNN Money 


Popeye’s having a bad day: Brace Yourselves For A Frozen Organic Spinach Recallapalooza Again, there’s never a Twinkie recall, which is sadly a debate I often have with my older (younger looking) much healthier sister.


Really? This is a story? Yacht parking spots go for $3 million (slow day at CNN Money).

Killing mom over iphone

 A 12-Year-Old Colorado Girl Was Arrested for Attempting to Poison Her Mother Over iPhone Privileges (Yikes imagine what dragging your kid out of the country while you roll around in mud will getcha? Actual parricide? Therapy and a ghost writer?) In full disclosure I post on that site currently under the name: Winchester House of Fauxtoshoots & Microphones.  I’m not always nice but I’m honest.

And now grifters of a different kind grifters of the junk: Bonds & cons edition 




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  • You’re great! You read through the spoon fed veneer we are supposed to take as gospel. Daily indoctrination by the media. Thank you for your always enlightening insight! (And your great graphics and funny comments!!)

    March 23, 2015 at 9:00 pm

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