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Top 5 Signs Startup Founders are Famous: Startup The Egos

Top 5 Signs Startup Founders are Famous: Startup The Egos

Updated: May 9, 2014

March 2, 2014

Top Five Signs Startup Founders are Famous: (if only in their own minds


5. Entire family or people from work are outfitted in one or more of the following cheesy embroidered logo-laden items:

  • hoodie, golf shirt, baseball hat, gloves, pens, mugs or windbreaker/golf jacket (over 40 crowds answer to the hoodie)
  • As a public service and we will administer (free of charge) electric shock treatment immediately if 2 or more of the items above are worn simultaneously
  • And if working for multiple startups or incubator wearing one or more logo from multiple divisions kindly tuck the ego back in the hoodie because it is eclipsing the sun

4. The word ‘dominate,’ is used daily to describe everything from the morning bowel movement to world domination (which is actually said with a straight face).  Or uses gradiose language like,“trying to fundamentally change the energy structure of the entire world.” Sure-but what will you do after lunch? 

3. Desperately try to create  or attend  ‘summit’ (talk/forum/costume themed tree-killing wedding of sorts to preen like a peacock annually to act superior to  ‘peers.’  Who are we kidding? Egos this big don’t think they have peers.  Above all else will try and control their environment and when they can’t watch for verbal outbursts.

2. Inflated sense of self created a ‘thought leader,’ persona that travels the world teaching tips and tricks of  ‘success’  but secretly worried about potential exposure or backlash over ‘questionable’ ability to actually run a sustainable company. Will try and influence politics even though there’s proven history of lacking ethics (not unlike most politicians and we have enough criminals there already). Stay in your lane startup founders.

  • And the even more insufferable are the ego-adjacent musings of the out-of-touch with reality relatives of billionaire founders who unwittingly mistake audacity for credibility.
  • The only time to ever feel pity for the lacking in ethics Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk are Randi Zuckerberg (talentless older sister to Mark Zuckerberg) and Justine Musk (talentless “starter wife”*of Elon Musk.)

*Justine Musk, an author, who in 2011, without of shame, remorse, guilt or accountability appropriated the phrase “starter wife” which is a manipulation of the facts and taking credit for others work since she didn’t actually give credit to the person who literally wrote the book The Starter Wife (2006) Gigi Lavangier Grazer.

1. Stole (or were ordered by the courts to pay, or settled for an undisclosed amount) for the idea that made millions to billions which is never discussed at company meetings, speaking engagements or ever personally publically acknowledged. (Unless of course they make a movie about it)

And this one is for the wannabe founders, frisbee, is something you play in the park with your dog and is never (let that sink in) going to be considered a ‘sport.’  You’re welcome.

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