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Single White Female: Jodi Arias-Jurors, Media & County Attorneys Should Not Profit From Cases

Single White Female: Jodi Arias-Jurors, Media & County Attorneys Should Not Profit From Cases

March 5, 2015


…sociopaths don’t commit suicide

Jurors should not, under any circumstances, be allowed to profit from cases.  This would include paid interviews or book deals. The holdout juror in the deadlocked 11-1 verdict (#17 say some reports) should be boycotted across all media. Why would anyone care to hear what she has to say?  We’ll gain nothing from any ‘insight,’ and it just keeps this case in the media with no positive outcome.

In order to be on a death penalty jury you must believe in the death penalty-but according to the press conferences today the other jurors felt juror #17 came in with her own agenda.  This juror (#17) also admitted to seeing the Lifetime Jodi Arias movie.  Do they do any sort of mental screening before people are placed on a death penalty jury?  If they don’t they may want to start. Juror #17 also wanted to focus on Jodi Arias’ journals.   The other jurors requested twice to have this juror removed.  It wasn’t like it was a close call it was 11-1.

Better still Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery who rightfully shamed the media and public over the circus theatrics during the Arias trial was then inconsistent & contradictory when he said that this case proved that indigent people in Maricopa County regardless of income get a fair trial.  (Yes, he said that with a straight face).  Please-if Jodi Arias wasn’t an attractive white female do you think the state would have spent over $3 million on her defense? When the national media descended upon Phoenix market like locusts-it was all local media could do to contain their excitement that they might get a little national coverage and they weren’t the only ones looking to benefit from someone’s sensational murder.   Those circus theatrics brought millions of dollars to the state and priceless amounts of publicity for Mr. Montgomery himself.

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  • Lana Keeton

    Our society is so morally corrupt and this is a prime example. You are so right in your coverage of this.

    March 5, 2015 at 9:05 pm

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