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Silicon Valley VC Dave Morin Files Bogus DMCA to Quash First Amendment

Silicon Valley VC Dave Morin Files Bogus DMCA to Quash First Amendment

November 13, 2019

Updated: Motion to Quash and TRO against Julia Allison Baugher

11-13-19 (cc) Motion to Quash Subpoena Issued Pursuant to Motion For Temporary Restraining Order…(#4)

Silicon Valley VC  Dave Morin on October 29, 2019 posted from his public Facebook verified account, with 194,939 followers about California wildfires.

The same day, Morin from his Twitter verified account with 425,000 followers, did a thread with similar content. Morin, liked his tweet thread so much, he pinned it to the top of his account. “Imagine waking up in the morning.  The power is out…,” Dave attempts to paint a bleak picture of which he likely would know nothing about, seeing as how he’s worth an estimated $100 million. And trying to write from the “every man” position, rings hollow, demeaning and insulting to real victims of the fire.  Victims weren’t pretending how dire it was for “likes” on Facebook or retweets on Twitter, they were actually living it.

Silicon Valley elite are known for their lack of awareness during times of crisis.  Like when Tesla CEO Elon Musk shilled his cars on Twitter during last year’s California wildfires, for their “hospital grade HEPA filters.” Note it’s for the elite more expensive Model S & X. Too bad for all those lowly, pedestrian Model 3 owners in California–keep on coughing through the crisis!

As expected, people with self awareness, call out those without self-awareness on social media or repost their content in news articles, websites and blogs without the need for their permission. That is why Twitter and Facebook both offer the ability to embed content.  Verified users publicly posting content on social media sites, where it’s reposted elsewhere, is not copyrighted to them. Nor is criticism of their unethical actions without, shame, remorse, guilt or accountability, defamation. It’s #ForcedAccountability, and unethical people hate accountability.  So much so, they’re manipulate facts and often engage in escalating illegal activity to play the role of #ProfessionalVictim.

Today, Go Daddy received Dave Morin’s bogus DCMA copyright infringement takedown notification submitted about a website known as Reblogging Donk, which led to the website’s unethical if not possibly illegal suspension.

Reblogging Donk RBD has been written about extensively on this website as one of the first of its kind, forced accountability websites regarding the unethical and alleged illegal activity of Silicon Valley’s now has-been & never was, Gawker fame whore, Julia Allison Baugher (who is known professionally as Julia Allison).  Unethical people engaged in illegal activity often misappropriate the word hate, or phrase hate speech when desperately trying to deflect from their own accountability.

Allison is an active Case Study for The Sociopathic Business Model© ; and, she’s often bragged about her friendship with Dave Morin and his wife  Brit Morin.

I am not affiliated with RBD, I do not know the identity of the person(s) running it but have financially contributed nominal amounts, along with other supporters, for the maintenance & upkeep of the website.

Recently, in full disclosure, I donated $300 to the legal team fighting now , not only Dave Morin’s abusive, bogus DMCA takedown notice but Allison’s previously filed ones as well.  Allison, despite claims of being a journalist, has engaged in a targeted decade long campaign against the First Amendment and freedom of speech. Unethical people love to manipulate facts and rewrite history.  Sites like RBD prevent that from happening.

RBD primarily focuses on the exploits of Allison. Occasionally Morin and his wife, along with other bit players, who often lack ethics or accountability, crop up on the site.

As was the case when RBD reposted Morin’s publicly posted Facebook and Twitter manifesto, that lacked in self-awareness regarding the recent California wildfires.  Thin-skinned Silicon Valley elite still think they’re above criticism.  They aren’t, nor should they be.

An unverified comment under the now suspended RBD post, alleged that Morin even complained that his Tesla products did not work during the wildfires, despite Elon Musk’s claims to the contrary. That’s reaching peak Silicon Valley “let the eat cake” entitlement if true.  And when dealing with people who unethically try to remove negative things from the internet, faster than most of us have time to read the information, unverified, does not necessarily mean untrue.


#ProfessionalVictims like Morin and Allison, are aware that reaching the legal threshold of proving  defamation could be problematic as again, negative truthful information or someone’s negative opinion does not count as defamation.  Unethical people will often resort to unethical or even illegal loopholes to circumvent the law, as they do not feel the laws or rules in general apply to them. DMCA abuse, or unethically and or illegally hiring a service to threaten, intimidate or bully others into silence by making false claims of copyright infringement is a growing and real threat against free speech and the First Amendment. 

For example, DMCA only requires written notice identifying the copyrighted work. Not the actual U.S. Copyright registration number given to copyrighted material, which should be the minimum threshold for removal under copyright infringement.  If Go Daddy! is suspending website accounts of their customers over those abusing copyright law because they cannot meet the threshold of defamation, that should be considered wire fraud under the federal law.

Criminals always have more money than their victims, which is why so many of these types of quashing First Amendment cases disappear quickly where the criminal prevails. Or thinks they do.  I guess someone’s never heard of the Streisand Effect.  Please considering donating to small podcasts or websites of your choice that support free speech and the First Amendment.

Disclaimer: Any falsely made DMCA notifications, notifications made without the proper U.S. copyright registration numbers, false claims of defamation, in an attempt to interrupt hosting of this site will be met with a minimum of federal criminal wire fraud charges. Those using a VPN or proxy to engage in targeted harassment are under a false sense of security when it comes to federal reach or my resolve.


UPDATED: RBD fights back with a Motion to Quash the Subpoena with a TRO

Case No. 2:19-mc-00034
PURSUANT TO 17 U.S.C. § 512(h) &

11-13-19 (cc) Motion to Quash Subpoena Issued Pursuant to Motion For Temporary Restraining Order…(#4)

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