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UPDATED: Senators Michael Bennet & Orrin Hatch on the Wrong PATH to Fast-Track Antibiotics

UPDATED: Senators Michael Bennet & Orrin Hatch on the Wrong PATH to Fast-Track Antibiotics

March 16, 2016, Updated below original story: Orrin Hatch wanted Merrick Garland for SCOTUS and Republicans are doing anything they can for attention.

January 19, 2015


PATH or Promise for Antibiotics & Therapeutics for Health Act bill is needlessly being re-introduced into legislation.

“We need new drugs to fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria that are posing serious and unique challenges to health care professionals,” says U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet (D-Co.), who co-sponsored the bill with U.S. Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), in a statement. They had introduced the same bill last month, but re-introduced the legislation now that a different congress is in session. Pharmalot

Ahh when did they become doctors?  There is no need to “fast-track” any antiobiotic through the FDA and Senators Bennet and Hatch likely have another reason for pushing this path through the system: money. Exploiting the public’s fear over situations like Ebola which was clearly a CDC lack of education and involovement at the initial stages and not a drug-resistant problem, is a tactic right out The Sociopathic Business Model™.


Senator Michael F. Bennet 1

Senator Orrin Hatch



The Wall Street Journal Pharmalot article neglects to mention which companies specifically are looking to benefit from this possible fast-tracking of an antibiotic through the FDA. Wonder who has this new super antibiotic the boys in Washington are so excited about:  Abbott Laboratories, AbbVie Pharmaceuticals, Amgen Inc, Novartis Corp, Pfizer, Merck & Co, as they’ve given Senators Bennet and Hatch over $500,000 that’s trackable. Or worse, companies beg for government funding to make billions off our tax dollars only to charge us again for the actual medication (think what’s happening with Ebola medication now).  Taxpayers do not let PATH see the light of day.

Senator Michael F. Bennet link to pharmaceutical industry

Senator Orrin Hatch Links to the Pharmaceutical Industry

Republican Party SPin unspun #TheSociopathicBusinessModel 2

Republican Party SPin unspun #TheSociopathicBusinessModel

March 16, 2016: Today, in a relatively entertaining move, President Obama (who I’m no fan of) nominated someone to the Justice’s Scalia’s vacated in death SCOTUS seat,  someone, the Republican party couldn’t refuse, a white, male, Harvard graduate: Merrick Garland. Which is made even more entertaining by the fact that the ethically challenged Republican Senator Orrin Hatch already endorsed Merrick.  This explains why the Republicans are doing anything they can for attention today.  Former Speaker of the House John Boehner nominated current Speaker of the House Senator Paul Ryan for the GOP presidential nomination.  Ryan claims to not want it (sure, we’ll buy that until next week when he files). This is exactly why the logical people on both the left and right (how I’m registered) are frustrated with politics.

If Republicans have a problem with this nomination they really should have forced Hatch out long ago.

If Republicans have a problem with this nomination they really should have forced Hatch out long ago.

SCOTUS should be an ELECTED position just like POTUS, senators and congress.  We need to do away with ALL ELECTED GOVERNMENT positions from Attorney General to SCOTUS.

  • The cause of MRSA and other antibiotic resistant bacteria is the use of so many medical devices in the hospital. It is very difficult to kill the bacteria on the device, such as catheters, and devices offer an easier path for the bacteria. It has been proven that it takes less bacteria to adhere to a medical device than it does in the actual human. Biofilms form and are virtually impossible to remove. If they addressed the real source of the problem, all the medical devices used in the hospital, it will have a much greater impact than another “NEW” (aren’t they all just a different version of an old one?) antibiotic. My opinion, well researched and with back up docs if anyone asks. Thanks for always bringing up such important topics, Melayna!

    January 19, 2015 at 10:27 pm

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