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Senator Kerry Keep Talking you’re becoming the King of The Sociopathic Business Model™

Senator Kerry Keep Talking you’re becoming the King of The Sociopathic Business Model™

June, 2014

President Obama and Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., at the White House this afternoon.

Senator John Kerry has become a walking and sadly still talking inconsistent and contradiction to the US Government making him the current King of The Sociopathic Business Model™:

The US Government does not negotiate with terrorists-but I guess when we call it a “swap” like two high school kids who “swap” clothing then it’s not really “negotiating.”  The US Government doesn’t negotiate with “true” whistleblowers either so I guess they view whistleblowers as “true” terrorists (and Snowden is excluded from this argument).

“Swap” also indicates the value is the relatively close to the same.  (High school girl sweater for another high school girl sweater-is a common “swap”).  We think so little of our own people we swapped four of theirs for one of ours?  Math is hard even for the government.

Kerry declined to give specifics about how the United States would track the former detainees, but he tried to erase concerns that these men could threaten American lives. CNN

It’s time to “swap”  out Senator Kerry out for someone who understands and supports math oh that The United States Does Not Negotitate with Terrorists.

  • Pastor Jim

    I’m torn about this situation. When you put yourself in the President’s place and ask yourself “What do I do: make the deal or say ‘no’?” On the one hand, you’ve got his kid who’s stuck out in god knows where with god knows who with god knows what being done to him and on the other you’ve got this principle about not negotiating with terrorists. What do you do? I mean, really? Do you tell his family “sorry we have this principle so he’s gonna have to probably die since he now has no worth to them”, which means you’re saying to the families of the six guys who died trying to rescue him: “sorry, your sons died for nothing. I had a chance to rescue this guy with the stroke of a pen and I didn’t do it.” And do we really think that “negotiating” this swap will put Americans at risk to a greater degree? I wonder…seems to me Americans get snatched at every available opportunity already…so…like I say I’m torn, but I’m thinking if the decision were on me, I might very well go ahead and get the kid back home, even though I knew the wing nut echo chamber would find something to criticize about him, me and the whole deal.

    And, yes, I agree: Kerry is a mealy mouthed SOB, even when you don’t consider this particular incident. 🙂 He’s the guy who terms some whistleblowers “terrorists”. What a maroon.

    June 9, 2014 at 9:55 am

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