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Updated Rose McGowan Named Names: Time for James Van Der Beek & Terry Crews To Do The Same

Updated Rose McGowan Named Names: Time for James Van Der Beek & Terry Crews To Do The Same

Updated December 2017: Terry Crews forced accountability and named his is sexual assaulter, WME talent agent Adam Venit, AND filed a police report against Venit.  That’s what I’m talking about!!

October 13, 2017 Updated



In order for a boycott to work it must have an accountability component to it.  An effective boycott must have two components in order to be successful:

  1. Exposing negative truthful information
  2. Fear of profit loss will force accountability to create positive change
    1. Company image is tied profit and fear of profit loss forces accountability to create positive change.
    2. Example: Boycotting the NFL won’t work but boycotting NFL sponsors or advertisers, who can force accountability back on the NFL, will work. If the NFL looses advertisers, that’s loss of money and like most companies that operate using tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™, the NFL is all about the money.

People leaving Twitter today to support the inconsistent & contradictory suspension of Rose McGowan’s Twitter account is also inconsistent & contradictory to the goal of a sexual abuse awareness. McGowan posted a private number (against policy) which Twitter alleged was the cause of her suspension while others have done the same thing and not had their accounts suspended.  Twitter’s inconsistent & contradictory sexist policy is what needs changed.

  1. Silence allows abusive behavior to continue without accountability
    1. While in theory I support McGowan’s goal I don’t support the means to the end in this case the #WomenBoycottTwitter campaign.
  2. Boycotting Twitter advertisers is the financial component necessary to force accountability on Twitter to keep their standards and rules consistent.  And using the hashtag #RoseArmy lets people know why they’re boycotting Twitter advertisers.


October 12, 2017




It’s not surprising that friends in media have been contacting me about Rose McGowan, calling her “my spirit animal” for calling out Harvey Weinstein on Twitter. Especially when her Twitter account was temporarily suspended. As a successful federal whistleblower, exposing negative truthful information others would rather remain hidden, for the purpose of creating positive change, is somewhat my specialty.

I’m no stranger to those in power (Johnson & Johnson, Ethicon, Acclarent) insulting, demeaning, threatening, wrongfully terminating, retaliating against, ending my career, all in the name of stopping negative truthful information from being exposed.  That’s why people like actor Rose McGowan, who step out and expose negative truthful information and was able to name names are more of what our Country needs.

Not unlike McGowan who told Ben Affleck to fuck off, I’ve done similarly to name a few,  The United States Department of Justice, FDA, FBI, CMS and DOD when I started this site in 2014 while under federal seal (gag order).

Celebrities, it’s not brave for you to step out and say you’ve been abused without naming names, it’s attention-seeking while allowing the abuser to continue abusing without accountability. James Van Der Beek and Terry Crews are just two most recent examples stirred up by the Weinstein, 30-year cover-up controversy. Yes, these men are also victims but coming forward without forcing accountability is part of the problem and not solution.  This problem knows no gender or political party, it’s a pervasive problem across all industries.

I lost my career by becoming a federal whistleblower, so what?? Celebrities are worried about losing their careers for the same reason. Let me assure you that getting your soul back creates for a much better life.  More celebrities should try it.

I’ve previously called out Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, who I believe her story that she was abused by males in Senate but she refused to name names in her book or subsequent book tour.  She didn’t change anything. Awareness without action will fall flat.  Calling it out isn’t enough when you’re a celebrity or elected official, especially when every day people are doing it with much more to lose. Like limbs and life.

These people aren’t celebrities, they don’t have voices that are easily heard.  They are fighting huge corporations AND the government without ANY help from the media or celebrities.

Federal: Companies are putting profits before consumers and patients safety and health with the FDA’s blessings. There is a #WarOnWomen in this country and no one is paying attention.

100,000 transvaginal mesh cases in federal court across five manufacturers, where in most cases these products are STILL on the market. #CleanUpYourMesh #FDAFuckUps

  1. American Medical Systems
  2. Boston Scientific
  3. Coloplast
  4. C.R. Bard
  5. Johnson & Johnson  + subsidiary Ethicon Gynecare & Mentor

3,700+ women have filed lawsuits against permanent birth control Bayer’s Essure.

State: State representatives & boards meant to protect patients are protecting those responsible for abusive behavior.

AZ Attorney General, Mark Brnovich and the Arizona Medical Board protected a surgeon with dozens of complaints over the the rights and needs of patients. Women are fighting the estate of now deceased Dr. William Leighton, who previously filed complaints over many years.

People protecting the abusers from Hollywood, to corporations to the federal and state government is exactly why The Sociopathic Business Model™ continues to be encouraged, replicated and rewarded leaving a trail of victims across industries. Support those that do the right thing by coming forward and naming names.  Boycott those that obstruct the exposure of negative truthful information from Hollywood to your store shelves. Our purchases have power.


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