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RNC Should Charge Facebook Executives & Board with Domestic Terrorism

RNC Should Charge Facebook Executives & Board with Domestic Terrorism

January 5, 2017

The DNC can blame Russia but the RNC should be charging Facebook executives & board with domestic terrorism in an attempt to control the election. Just because the collusion between Facebook and Clinton failed from their perspective*, doesn’t mean a dangerous president hasn’t been set.

The pathologically unethical Mark Zuckerberg’s recent manipulations (no longer atheist (sure, first he’d need a soul in order to have one worth saving) & cross-country meet the little people tour (dude, you’re so out of touch you didn’t know how out of touch that announce was) prove what The Sociopathic Business Model™ successfully predicted in 2014, Zuckerberg’s ego needs to be in politics. Every taxpayer needs any and all tech billionaire startup #GodsOfFrauds as far away from politics as possible, we have enough fraud there already.


Zuckerberg no longer an atheist but, still an manipulative asshole.

Zuckerberg and in turn Facebook are both for sale to the highest bidder, regardless of political affiliation. Both Zuckerberg and equally unethical COO Sheryl Sandberg have played both sides of the political fence for their greater good and not the greater good of the taxpayers.


Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, rumored to be in Washington DC when her husband died in Mexico May 1, 2015. Her Facebook images from that date show her with US Military.

Sandberg supported Clinton yet weeks later was at Trump’s office in New York at this tech summit (aka #BoardWhores fund startup #GodsOfFrauds summit).


*Facebook’s algorithm likely did not fail but the overwhelming underestimation of how much Clinton is despised, sans her own spin, was too much for any algorithm to account for and which is why her camp needed someone new to blame.


Clinton camp is a little light on credibility given the Wikileaks Podesta email leaks which state they’ll discredit any political contender with false and misleading information.  We all may not condone how the DNC leak happened but the information leaked was factual. If the DNC wants to use taxpayer money to blame Russia, great, but the by that same assertion the RNC should use taxpayer money to investigate Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg.  Bet some interesting things would turn up in that discovery, if it didn’t hit the shredders first.

And Zuckerberg was looking for “next steps” with Podesta  who allegedly was grooming him for a board position on The Clinton Foundation and, likely spun with access to Clinton to help Zuckerberg with this now crystal clear own political aspirations.  Those two betting on each other is a a form of justice unto itself.  And highly entertaining in hindsight.


As taxpayers, we have the proof that many needed, that manipulation happens. This why we must do our part by researching and getting news from more than just one site or source and, publicly call out fake news from both the left and the right. We all have the same fight if we remove the abusive extremes from both sides and look to the change in the middle.


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