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The Ethics Resource Center, is a research nonprofit focused on ethical standards at both public and private organizations.  The latest finding from the biannual report of over 6,400 are shocking to resource center but not to employees:

Sixty percent of the ethical violations employees observed were done by someone with managerial authority, whether they be first-line supervisors or senior executives. This was the first time the Ethics Resource Center asked that question, so there’s no historical comparison, but Harned was still concerned the percentage was so high.

2007     12% of employees in felt retaliated against for reporting violations.

2011      22% of employees in felt retaliated against for reporting violations.

This data falls directly in line with The Sociopathic Business Model™ , where unethical or illegal behavior is being encouraged, replicated and rewarded and those refusing to engage or decide to report the illegal or unethical behavior are retaliated against and or ultimately terminated.


Read More: https://www.killingmycareer.com/the-sociopathic-business-model/aols-ceo-tim-armstrong-a-repeat-baby-basher/




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