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President Obama Or Any Past President: Not Work Martyrs

President Obama Or Any Past President: Not Work Martyrs

August 22, 2014

Image: 'Tone Deaf' Obama Slammed Over Golf After Foley Horror

US President Barack Obama, left, laughs after Ahmad Rashad made a putt on the first green at the Farm Neck Golf Club at Martha’s Vineyard moments after speaking to James Foley’s family regarding his execution. ( Matthew Healey/Pool/EPA/Landov)

As a tie in from the previous story about “Work Martyrdom,” where as much as 40% of the U.S. populations is skipping at least some of their vacation, there’s one person who will not be accused of being a “Work Martyr”:  President Obama.  Regardless of what previous Presidents have done people look to the current leader of the free-world as the barometer that guides the United States.

Factors like unemployment and economic climate play into perceptions; and, just as if you’re a CEO, the rules of regular people don’t always apply.  Meaning that even if you’re offered six weeks maternity as a female CEO it’s not always taken; and, if you’re the President of the United States just because you have vacation time, you don’t take it.  Yes, all in all George W. Bush and President Obama have taken roughly the same amount of vacation (about 365 days), which is tone deaf on either of their parts. I’m guessing most of us haven’t taken 365 days of vacation in our lifetimes (amirite?)

People do not achieve that level of success without having to make some sacrifices along the way.  Just as everyone is not meant to play professional football or be a supermodel, or a CEO,  not everyone is cut out to be President.  That said, we should not pay Presidents a salary nor should the expectation be they take vacations in the traditional sense.  Yep, that means the entire time they’re in office they should refrain from week-long vacations.  Sure a long weekend here or there, tack a day or two on to a business trip, much like the rest of us do; but, we should not stop shaming any President (regardless of political affiliation) until this policy changes.


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