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PR Spin is Spun!

PR Spin is Spun!

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Forbes, 2/13/2014

The Death of ‘Spin’ (Will It Kill The Future Of Public Relations?)

Transparency and ethics are making a comeback!  The manipulation of SEO (The Yellow Brick Road of Risperdal?)*, creates a greater demand for actual content and less spin.  Spin is spun and as consumers we have to be savvy to the techniques of corporations that would rather put a Band-Aid on their problems own and fix them.

November 2013-The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced they reached a settlement for Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceuticals for $2.2 billion for off label marketing and kickbacks regarding Risperdal. An antipsychotic drug where 31 children died (11 of which were off label) and 14-year-old males grew breasts).  And yet:

1988 Alex Gorsky is hired at Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmecutica (1988-2003) where, according to the Johnson & Johnson bio company for 15 years, he advanced through positions of increasing responsibility in sales, marketing, and management.’

Mr. Gorsky was VP of Sales and Marketing at Janssen Pharmaceuticals but is inexplicably missing from the corporate bio.

1985 Gary Pruden hired at Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmecutica (1985-2001) where, according to his bio on the Johnson & Johnson website, he held a number of senior positions in sales, marketing, and strategic account management.’

2013, around mother’s day, Johnson & Johnson rolled out their first national ad campaign in more than 10 years, For all you love, for an estimated $20-$30 million to run for the remainder of the year.  I am sure the families of the 31 children who died while on Risperdal loved their children too.

Consumer activism is relevant today and can really have impact on companies more worried about their image than their problems.  As consumers we need to start putting our money with companies that are truthful and pulling from those still caught on the spin.

If you would like to see Johnson & Johnson continue to take accountability for the damage Risperdal caused long after the $2.2 billion fine is paid, and have Mr. Gorsky and Mr. Pruden.


The solution to The Sociopathic Business Model ™ is truth and The MMpiHer Method™ a three month sales, marketing and management programs that increases a company’s accountability, productivity, marketability and profitability—ethically.



The Yellow Brick Road of Risperdal

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