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Politics, Bob Marshall & The Sociopathic Business Model™

Politics, Bob Marshall & The Sociopathic Business Model™

Bob Marshall

When I started a blog I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough examples from the government and big business to run through the characteristics of The Sociopathic Business Model™ to create Case Studies as a basis for positive change.  Three months in and trust that I am no longer worried about not having enough material for the blog.  Well, I’m worried but now about how easy it is to demonstrate the problems within the government and big business, and how these negative results affect each of us in some way.

Enter: Virginia Republican Delegate Bob Marshall

A Virginia Republican currently running for the U.S. House of Representatives believes that incest exceptions in abortion bans are unnecessary because sometimes incest is “voluntary,” accord to a report from the Washington Times.

Not offended enough yet?  There’s more:

Disabled children can be God’s vengeance against women who have had abortions.

Surely he’s rethought this and at least tried to save face:

“I don’t care. I mean, if I say something in public, I say it in public,” Mr. Marshall said Thursday.

I’m not even sure we need to run this through the model other than to demonstrate that if this man gets elected it allows him a vote in the House.  Do you want this person having a say in what happens in our Country?

The SBM with Logo finalVirginia Republican Delegate Bob Marshall as it relates the statements above:


-Manipulates and does not recognize the rights of others

-Creates hopelessness in the victims

-Verbal outbursts

-Lack of remorse shame or guilt

-He’s demeaning and insulting

This is enough information for me to know that I put Virginia Republican Delegate Bob Marshall in the NO column but the function of this page is to give people enough information to make their own educated decisions.

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