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Updated: Planned Parenthood: #TeaVsTreeVsReality

Updated: Planned Parenthood: #TeaVsTreeVsReality

July 14, 2014

Let's Play A Game #TeaVsTree Killing My Career 5 26 2015

The information about Planned Parenthood that was released today regarding the donation of aborted genetic material has Republicans screaming (#Tea) Liberals defending (#Tree) and they’re BOTH wrong (#Reality). It doesn’t matter if you’re pro-life or pro-choice because that’s not the issue despite what politicians on either side want people to think.  It’s much easier to divide the country in order to manipulate the masses.

Both the extremes of the Right & Left are inconsistent & contracdictory on this topic.  Take emotion or personal choice out of the argument and focus on the facts:
Planned Parenthood is “donating” genetic material (aborted fetuses) to medical schools for research and as a result gets government subsidies in exchange for those donations.

Planned Parenthood Got $540.6 Million in Government Grants in FY 2013

Informed consent

Here’s why it’s illegal:  Planned Parenthood must have informed consent from the patient in order to “donate” their genetic material and explain they are compensated for their donation-it is illegal to donate genetic material without informed patient consent therefore making the government obtain subsidies obtain illegally.


Planned Parenthood will contend they get patients to sign consent for the “donation” during the patient’s appointment but will fail to mention or not explain to the patients that they have also have the option for their genetic material to be destroyed (at no additional cost) or donate their genetic material yielding the business government funding.  And, more importantly why hasn’t Planned Parenthood providedthis service for free if they’ve received $540.6 million in government funding?  I have little doubt that Planned Parenthood gets the patient consent signed (unethically & illegally) by manipulating the facts while not recognizing the rights of their female patients (many of whom are lower income) without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability.

UPDATED July 23, 2015 : A new Planned Parenthood video (posted below) shows an administrator during lunch regarding future tissue procurement. She at first, correctly stated that it was the doctor’s decision regarding method of procedure (she refers to him as Ian in the video below) and says this is getting into an unethical area because they tell patients whether they donate or not does not change the way they do the procedure.

Plannd Parenthood justifying dead baby broker deal

Planned Parenthood administrator justifying changing techiques to get better aborted fetus procurement for possibly $100 a “donation.”

However, if you’ve ever been a part of medical sales negotiations (and I was for 13 years-not as a dead baby broker) it’s the job of administrators to present the surgeons with the best financial benefit of doing a procedure a certain way over another (and this can be tied to the surgeon bonus structure if they’re a clinic employee-which in these case it’s my understanding most are).  Meaning surgeon’s and administrator’s raises or bonus structure could benefit greatly from a deal like this.

Planned Parenthood changing the way they do abortions to get whole specimens is unethical

The administrator is already on board with using a “less crunchy” technique to obtain the higher priced whole specimens.



Republicans will incorrectly double-down on the hardline of abortion is wrong and Democrats will avoid the topic all together (why liberal media refuses to cover this story properly) or double-down that Planned Parenthood is right to do what they want.  People can still be pro-life or pro-choice as this story isn’t a moral debate it’s a legal one over a company acting unethically and illegally on the taxpayer’s dime.  BOTH sides should be angry over this story but that doesn’t fit the political narrative of either side as we’re gearing up for a Presidential election year.

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  • Way too disgusting that this is happening for any reason. Selling baby parts, how horrible does it get. So, so awful.

    July 14, 2015 at 10:19 pm

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