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Phoenix Police Chief Daniel V. Garcia & The Sociopathic Business Model™

Phoenix Police Chief Daniel V. Garcia & The Sociopathic Business Model™

December 18, 2014

Newly Terminated Police Chief Daniel Garcia

Chief Daniel Garcia & The Sociopathic Business Model™

Phoenix Police Chief Daniel V. Garcia was fired after holding a non-approved press conference yesterday.  Let’s take a look back at Chief Garcia’s greatest hits as they relate to tactics from The Sociopathic Business Model™.

Craig Tiger, a former Phoenix police officer who was struggling with PTSD, a mental health issue, compounded by alcohol issues after a 2012 on-duty shooting, took his own life in November of this year.  In June 2012, Tiger and his partner were forced to shoot a man aggressively threatening them and the public with a bat. The suspect died at the scene. This site has written about underdiagnosed PTSD with our military and the same argument can be made for police officers.

The president of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association, Joe Clure, said he believes Phoenix Police Chief Daniel Garcia and the Phoenix Police Department played a part in Tiger’s death.

“We should have done a lot more for Officer Tiger than what we did,” said Clure. CBS 5 Phoenix

Tiger recounted in September 2014, just one month before his suicide, how the shooting had a profound effect on his life and even experienced a trigger to his PTSD on the anniversary of the shooting which lead to a DUI.

“I went home that night to an empty house. It started immediately. I proceeded to self-medicate with alcohol, and it started that night, that very night,” Tiger said.

“We have a family cabin up north, and I was going up north to kill myself. I had guns with me in the car, and I was subsequently stopped for DUI on the way up. In hindsight, it saved my life because I wouldn’t be here right now,” Tiger said.

Former Phoenix Police Officer Craig Tiger Rest In Peace

Former Phoenix Police Officer Craig Tiger

The 12-year police veteran was cleared for duty a week after the shooting and having only a one-hour session with a police department hired psychologist.  Without continued treatment he developed PTSD and a serious drinking problem as a coping mechanism.  Something a psychologist would have noticed and discussed if Tiger’s treatment continued beyond only one session.

The arrest for the DUI put Tiger on paid administrative leave and where he was officially diagnosed with PTSD stemming from the shooting in 2012;  and, he was aware he needed additional help and looked to the veterans’ group. Realistically regardless if you take a person’s life in combat, defending your home, or protecting the community you’ll have PTSD with triggers; and, if a you don’t then they’re likely a sociopath.

Checklist-of-Characteristic-of-The-Sociopathic-Business-Model (1)

Yet we punish people who want to get help and Tiger was fearful of job loss with continued help and Chief Daniel Garcia confirmed his fears by terminating him.   Chief Danieal Garcia acted abusively without recognizing Tiger’s rights.  Garcia did not follow protocol which is inconsistent & contradictory language to action and a trigger for The Sociopathic Business Model™.

“I sat next to him in that hearing where he (Tiger) poured his heart out to the chief and said, ‘This is what I’m going through. This is what I’m dealing with.’ He brought medical evidence to substantiate the fact that he suffered from PTSD. And the chief’s response was essentially, ‘I don’t care; you’re fired.'”

Chief Daniel Garcia lacked shame, remorse, guilt, or accountability over not providing then Officer Tiger with the proper mental health treatment after the shooting in 2012.

Chief Daniel Garcia created hopelessness in Officer Tiger. 

Chief Daniel Garcia motivated through fear as Officer Tiger feared getting mental help would lead to his termination.

Chief Daniel Garcia’s response to fact based evidence provided by Officer Tiger was met with demeaning and insulting language.  And in an effort to place blame and bully the chief’s supporters continued to deamean an insult a dead man by discounting his career because he sought help over the years.

Chief Daniel Garcia has proven he’s rarely challenged at work.

Please watch Chief Daniel Garcia’s interview on azfamily.com Phoenix where he refuses to step down and continues to blame the victim:

“I will tell you this: when I terminated Craig Tiger, Craig Tiger didn’t appeal that termination. He was represented by the police union. As a matter of fact, he was represented by the union president, Joe Clure, and the union did not appeal that termination either. I think that speaks very loudly,” Garcia said.

Something speaks very loudly and stinks.

Fact based evidence over time indicates that if Chief Daniel Garcia was willing to overlook an employee’s rights he was likely engaged in far greater unethical and illegal activity.

Ed Zuercher Forced Accountability from Chief Daniel Garcia

Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher

Chief Daniel Garcia consistently acted without shame, remorse, guilt or accountability again today when he held a press conference demanding the he be given a two year contract to remain Chief of Police. (Yep that’s someone who doesn’t like to be challenged at work and tried to bully the department into keeping him despite being warned not to hold the press conference)

Chief Daniel Garcia met  forced accountability today when he was terminated by Phoenix City Manager Ed Zuercher who called his own press conference to announce that he had terminated Garcia for insubordination for holding court with the media after Zuercher had expressly forbidden it.

Rest in Peace Officer Tiger. 



  • TJ

    “Officer Tiger feared getting mental help would lead to his termination.”

    Have all the sympathy you want for this officer who’s conscience was bothering him for shooting down a citizen brandishing a bat in 2012. His taser batteries must have been low that day I guess..

    And give him all the mental help he needs, etc.. On the city, whatever.

    BUT, this mentally unstable cop should have been fired. The LAST thing we need is to be heavily arming mentally disturbed people, telling them they’re above the law and will not be held accountable for their actions, and then turn them lose on us, the general population. We do NOT deserve that, and it’s just not safe.

    The police force is not a welfare jobs program. He obviously wasn’t cut out to be a police officer and should not have been entrusted with that responsibility in the first place.

    March 31, 2015 at 10:04 am
  • mark nehrenz

    I was a phx firefighter for over 30 years got a dui was terminated was diagnosed with ptsd from the job and was denied a disability pentionn Very similar story to officer Tiger

    May 25, 2015 at 4:45 pm
  • Mark Nehrenz

    Melayna your so right about metal illness and PTSD not being address by the department.Its been 4 years now and I’m still receiving long term disability thru the city.Medicare and I received a small amount from workmans comp.After a applying for accidental disability with the Phx fire board local for my pension with Az.public safety system I was denied even though both I.M.E from the pension system said I was permanently disabled from my years of service as a firefighter with PTSD. I am very greatful to the city for my l.T.D but its time the pension system starts recognizing PTSD.After consulting with the lawyer handling Craig Tigers case she said I would have won in court with a competent lawyer.I’m very anxious to see how Officer Craig Tigers case comes out.The statute of limitations has past for me to go to court.I’m hoping for more exposure to the subject of PTSD and firefighters and police offices.Phx police are very much more receptive of granting this disability.I was denied because they said I left the job because of a DUI.But I was accepted with long term disability starting date 4 days before the dui,medicare from the day I resigned and workman comp starting from last day worked.The disability with the pension only has to be a reasons for leaving not the sole reason which the fire board ruled.I believe that the argument could easy have been made that I also left because of the disability diagnosed by 6 professionas including the 2 hired by the board.

    December 25, 2015 at 7:34 pm

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