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Phew! Johnson & Johnson’s Q1 Profits up 8% DESPITE Billions in Lawsuits

Phew! Johnson & Johnson’s Q1 Profits up 8% DESPITE Billions in Lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson Q1 profits are up 8% in part because of new drugs and cutting production and administrative expenses (does that mean job loss for people?) despite:

Johnson & Johnson – confirmed destroying files in mesh cases

Topamax causes BIRTH DEFECT Johnson & Johnson liable

Johnson & Johnson FINED $2.2 Billion for Risperdal

Johnson & Johnson paying $3 BILLION on HIP RECALL

Johnson & Johnson MISLEADS investors FINE

Johnson & Johnson $23 M Fine for Management Problems

Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder jury linked 2 CANCER

I’d imagine there are more than a few victims of the Johnson & Johnson vaginal mesh trials are happy to hear about Johnson & Johnson 8% profits for Q1.

The world’s biggest maker of healthcare products beat Wall Street expectations and raised its earnings outlook Tuesday. The maker of the Band-Aid and biologic drugs said net income was $4.73 billion, or $1.64 per share, up from $3.5 billion, or $1.22 per share, a year earlier.

“Consumer products … will stay weak because consumers learned there is nothing special about” J&J’s, said Erik Gordon, an analyst at University of Michigan’s business school.

Did some of us learn something new about Johnson & Johnson?  If you did and aren’t happy with what you read please join the campaign to hold Johnson & Johnson executives accountable to the public or Boycott the Band-Aid, click on any of the links above to join campaigns to hold Johnson & Johnson accountable.

And for more information visit : Johnson & Toxin

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