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PharmaPhobia & The Sociopathic Business Model™

PharmaPhobia & The Sociopathic Business Model™

May 20, 2015

Fifty Shades of Facteau

Former Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Acclarent Indicted

Executives Bond Out on $5 Million & $500,000

American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research is just another name for another faux advocacy group pushing forth their own agenda (in this case an ill-fated book), or on this site known as the lightning rod to the fraud.  Tom Stossel author of PharmaPhobia insults & demeans the general public while he glibly, without shame, remorse or guilt manipulates the facts for a “call to action” against those who state there’s often a conflict of interest in the pharmaceutical industry (and presumably the medical device industry). And yawn, he says reform thwarts innovation. No, reform in the pharma & medical device industry have proven necessary and validated via billion dollar DOJ fines and in place to thwart fraud.

“The case underlying the conflict-of-interest movement is a mixture of moralistic bullying, opinion unsupported by empiric evidence, speculation, simplistic and distorted interpretations of complicated and nuanced information, superficially and incompletely framed anecdotes, inappropriately extrapolated or irrelevant psychological research results, and emotionally laden human-interest stories.” Tom Stossel via interview in Pharma Marketing Blog

Often those who blame reform for thwarting innovation are using a tactic from The Sociopathic Business Model™ which allows unethical companies to not take accountability which is part of the problem not the solution in a corrupt industry.  Looks like someone doesn’t like to be challenged while not recognizing the rights of others; and, those also familiar with this site know that usually when someone is calling another a bully they’re actually the bully or professional victim  which is a big ole red flag for me.  This is why I personally won’t support PharmaPhobia or the fake advocacy group Mr. Stossel rode in on but I do appreciate the opportunity to use the information for another Case Study for The Sociopathic Business Model ™.

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