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Part 1: Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes ASR & Pinnacle Hips: The Unwalking Almost Dead

Part 1: Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes ASR & Pinnacle Hips: The Unwalking Almost Dead

Part 1 Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes ASR & Pinnacle Hips: The Unwalking Almost Dead

Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes Serial Killing Syndicate

September 6, 2015

Nov. 20, 2013 (Bloomberg) — Johnson & Johnson agreed to pay at least $2.47 billion to settle thousands of lawsuits over its recalled hip implants, lawyers for the company and patients told a judge in outlining an accord that may be worth more than $4 billion.

The agreement would resolve about 8,000 U.S. suits against JNJ’s DePuy Synthes unit brought by patients who have already had artificial hips removed, Susan Sharko, one of the company’s lawyers, told U.S. District Judge David Katz yesterday in Toledo, Ohio. The company will pay an average of about $250,000 for each surgery and cover related medical costs, Sharko said.

Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes #PRSpin:


Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes Worldwide instrument of mass destruction Andrew Ekdahl

“The settlement provides compensation for eligible patients without the delay and uncertainty of protracted litigation,Andrew Ekdahl, worldwide president of DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction said in a statement.

reaction animated GIF

Get them to sign before they realize there’s metal poisoning (toxicity).

Do you think Andrew Ekdahl, Worldwide President of DePuy Synthes Joint Reconstruction, even tried to make that statement with a straight face or he and his buddies just laugh about how they screwed over thousands of trusting innocent patients turned victims?  Ekdahl is a 20 year veteran of Johnson & Johnson where he previously oversaw DePuy in Europe, Middle East and Africa.  This man’s career can only be compared to nuclear bomb with far greater reach and more deadly accuracy.

Choc peanut butter Johnson & Johnson putting DePuy and Synthes together

What’s better than one corrupt company (Johnson & Johnson) buying another corrupt company DePuy (1998)? Buying a second corrupt company, Synthes (2011) and merging them: Clearly the best idea since the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup

And now for the chocolate to the peanut butter or peanut butter to the chocolate, Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes CEO & President Michel Orsinger.  Orsinger (a site favorite*) was with Synthes in 2004, retained through the merger despite holding an executive position that landed his contemporaries in jail, where Johnson & Johnson encouraged, replicated & rewarded unethical & illegal behavior by purchasing the company for a record $21.3 billion dollars.

Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes CEO Michel Orsinger arrested

Thou Shalt Not Text In Church Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes CEO

Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes CEO Michel Orsigner

Orsinger, alleged from former Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes employees, was granted $50,000,000 to assist in the merger which also made him CEO & President post merger. That was until Orsinger decided to allegedly text in church on Easter Sunday that resulted in his tackling a family member where Radnor police arrested & charged him simple assault, disorderly conduct and harassment. Orsinger then decided to resign earlier this year.

*I would personally like to thank the anonymous tipster, each of the 28,000+ people who read, shared and commented on UPDATED: Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes President & CEO Michel Orsinger Arrested At Church | KILLING MY CAREER as I believe your interest forced positive change from Johnson & Johnson and in turn Mr. Orsinger who decided to resign.

I’m sure Ekdahl & Orsinger both have #GodsOfFrauds egos that can eclipse the sun where their merger was nothing like the success of Reese’s chocolate & peanut butter; because, Johnson & Johnson Worldwide President & CEO Alex Gorsky, who oversees the death squads known as subsidiaries (like DePuy Synthes) has more blood on his hands than any serial killer in history.

Alex Gorsky CNBC Street Cred Screentshot With Crimes and Fines

This is just a small portion of JNJ Worldwide CEO Alex Gorsky’s crimes that should have him in jail & not #CrimingWhileWhite

Frequent readers of this site are familiar with Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Gynecare Mesh cases in federal court and the players that worked with or for Gorsky while at Janssen, Gary Pruden & Bridget Ross, where 31 children died on Risperdal and Johnson & Johnson encouraged, replicated and rewarded these executives for unethical & illegal behavior by promoting them to Ethicon.

Johnson-Johnson-Janssen-Ethicon-Gynecare Gorsky Pruden Ross

Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries are death squads where executives are encouraged, replicated and rewarded for executing unethical & illegal behavior at the expense of unsuspecting patient victims.

Now it’s time for the injured Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes ASR & Pinnacle hip victims to understand that Johnson & Johnson again encouraged, replicated and rewarded  Pruden & Ross  who are now executives at (you guessed it) Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes.

Bridget Ross Death Squad Subsidiaries at Johnson & Johnson now at DePuy Synthes

Bridget Ross Serial Killing CEO VP for Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen, Ethicon Gynecare, Acclarent & now DePuy Synthes

Gary Pruden LinkedIn Profile missing information

Gary Pruden Worldwide Chairman serial killer death squad Johnson & Johnson subsidiaries Janssen, Ethicon Gynecare, Acclarent & now DePuy Synthes

Johnson & Johnson’s executives Alex Gorsky, Andrew Ekdahl, Michel Orsinger (until he decided to leave after the family assault charge), replacement Bridget Ross and Gary Pruden are the worst serial killing crime syndicate that’s still operating at the expense of every patient, consumer, employee & taxpayer.  Part 2 Johnson & Johnson DePuy Synthes ASR & Pinnacle Hips: The Unwalking Almost Dead will expose the exact problems and number of victims of both ASR and Pinnacle hips.

If you’re tired of watching these criminals get away with murder, please join:  BOYCOTT Covington’s Clients Until They #FireEricHolder | Buycott

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  • derek stocker

    Oh wow. The pen is mightier than the sword. Move over American Sniper, Melayna has J&J in the cross hairs. The vermin heading this enormous corporation actually deserve assassination by bullet but as we victims are generally law abiding citizens we have to relay on a brilliant writer exposing them to assassination from the pen. Go girl you rock! You are my heroine.
    All I want is justice. My hips are defective. They have ruined my life, they are toxic and literally killing me! I am not bitter but I would like the company called to account and receive an apology, a sincere expression saying sorry for what we did, it was wrong to put shareholders and profits before patients. I am only 60 but I know I will be in my grave before anyone admits to wrong doing, especially the marketing division that continued to sell, indeed began to aggressively market, a product fully two years after surgeons had advised them the implant was defective and failing in increasing numbers. My THR’s were implanted in 2007 two years after De Puy were made aware of the failures. Two years of selling to get rid of bad stock. Imagine for a moments if that was a toxic food product past its sell by date yet stamped over with a new date. The producer, distributor and wholesaler would have been hung, drawn and quartered.
    Believe me, USD 250k is not an acceptable level of compensation when you consider patients have to pay their medical insurance companies from that amount. That is also to cover future revisions and some victims have had more than two or three revisions already as the toxicity from the original hip has destroyed tissue and bone and so revision implants do not have such a solid structure to be attached to. That is not enough for the pain, stress and worry. All the inconvenience, time lost from work or many forced to early retirement. I was told 7 years ago, I am now 60, I would be able to return to playing sport and resume my career as a Fitness Professional/Personal Trainer/Massage Therapist, the implant would last at least 15 years and if lucky 25. I experienced the beginning of the failures after around 18 months beginning with pain and gradually the onset of systemic illnesses potentially caused by my immune system reacting to the cobalt and attempting to eradicate it from my system. The cobalt cannot be removed from organs and is there until death, a sword of Damocles dangling as a potential carcinogenic. Then the patient is not the only victim, loved ones, in my case my wife and two sons are terrified that I will die a premature death. I could continue. Incidentally the value of someone’s suffering is low in J&J’s lawyers. The offer in Australia is I understand is $33k and India $12,500 not sure if those $ are USD! The quality of life is obviously higher in the US of A as US victims are offered $250k. FOR ALL THE MANY PROBS THIS IS CHICKEN FEED!
    Those few who have won in court have then been met with an appeal, therefore delaying compensation for years. The first man whom won his case died before seeing a cent. This is why J&J, often outside the court, offer the settlement with a non-disclosure caveat. and many accept believing it is better to have the financial assistance now as opposed to being awarded a fair settlement in court yet potentially, because of the increased risk of death and wanting closure, accept a derisory amount which is quite possibly below the annual salaries of the criminal gang heading up this criminal gang. Mafia eat your heart out Johnson & Johnson & DePuy Synthes executives are eating the whole cake, wrapping, box and all! ALUTA CONTINUA.

    September 8, 2015 at 9:31 am

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