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Oprah has Jumped the Shark & Taken Starbucks & Teavana with Her

Oprah has Jumped the Shark & Taken Starbucks & Teavana with Her


May 2, 2014

It’s been no secret that Oprah’s network OWN is struggling; and, the desperate attempt to re-exploit a fresh out of rehab Lindsay Lohan was transparent to everyone with the exception of Lohan herself.  It was sad to watch a manipulated Lindsay boast to the world that she had Oprah’s private number and call her live on shows like Letterman.  Now Oprah has gone to far.  

Two of my favorite chains, Teavana and Starbucks have teamed up it’s like a dream come true!  Yay-I love tea, drink it every single day, either my Teavana tea at home or hot tea at Starbucks. Sadly though the two brands didn’t have enough faith in their own brands or customers to understand the market and feelings towards Oprah have shifted since her successful syndicated show and book club days; and, we’d be just as happy to see the two brands unite sans Oprah.

Howard Schultz has two acts left as CEO of Starbucks: to truly unleash the power of mobile, and make folks care about premium tea as much as they care about premium coffee,” said  Brian Sozzi, CEO and chief equities strategist of Belus Capital Advisors, told Forbes.

Here’s hoping that Mr. Schultz has a great game plan in place for unleashing mobile power.  And to the executives at Teavana and Starbucks keep collaberating but do it sans Oprah.   We like your products enough that we don’t need a celebrity endorsement to buy them, and especially a celebrity that’s already jumped the shark.

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