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Only 18% of Fortune 100 Senior Executives are Women

Only 18% of Fortune 100 Senior Executives are Women

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Nearly 18% of Fortune 100 senior executives are women, 11% are foreign-educated, and 55% have undergraduate degrees from state universities (1)

HBR’s use of the word ‘nearly‘ from their Facebook post implies that women should be satisfied or that there’s cause for celebration.  Yet evidence from their own journal states that women are more socially aware than men and positions of leadership should be held by those that are socially aware.

And let’s not forget IBM CEO Virginia Rometty and the rest of her senior management team relinquished their 2013 bonuses as penance for the technology company’s lackluster performance last year.  It would be tough to find a male CEO willing to lead by example the same way Ms. Rometty did.

And perhaps women on the Forbes list  have more degrees from state schools because more men are accepted into Ivy League?

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