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Off with Their Heads….Update!

Off with Their Heads….Update!


UPDATED: Confirmed- Gov. Christie’s administration is operating under The Sociopathic Business Model™, as suspected, Gov. Christie(King)  knew what his aids (loyal subjects=accomplices) were doing and when the negative behavior was exposed (truth) the accomplices became victims.  The more aware we are of this model the more we can do to make sure we do not support it.  Gov. Christie has no one else to blame but himself. Off with his head!


Gov. Chris Christie (King) is an example the corrupt monarchy management (or the sociopathic business model) in action. Christie likely knew and directed his team (loyal subjects) to carry out the unethical plan making them accomplices. When the unethical behavior was exposed, his accomplices (deputy chief of staff and his 2013 campaign manager) became victims and it was off with their heads, as they were terminated today. The only real victims however are the people of New Jersey who had to suffer at the hands of a corrupt business model.


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