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Oscar’s Swag: Nuelle™ Founder Josh Makower Has A Knack for Screwing People Organically, Including Taxpayers

Oscar’s Swag: Nuelle™ Founder Josh Makower Has A Knack for Screwing People Organically, Including Taxpayers

February 9, 2016

What do the 2016 Oscar’s swag bag, a sex toy, and medical device fraud all have in common?  Menlo Park, California’s serial fraudtrepreneur entrepreneur Josh Makower.

Nuelle KY Jelly

What does founder of frauds, Josh Makower, do once the Department of Justice investigates his most successfully sold medical device company, NEA funded, ExploraMed incubated, startup Acclarent that sold Johnson & Johnson for $785 million, where two former executives were arrested, indicted on 18 counts of fraud and currently awaiting trial? And he holds the patent to the fraudulently obtain medical device in question?  Naturally, funnel all that sexism made famous by startups  into “Nuelle , a sexual wellness and intimate care company focused on women’s sexual health,” charging $250 for a sex toy,  Fiera® Arouser for Her™.  Well, at least, Makower is finding a more transparent way to screw people, but still without lube.

Makower in Action-->

Quest Medical Inc. et al vs. Acclarent Inc. et al

Members of Acclarent previously met with members of Quest Medical Inc., including Dr. Bruce Becker, regarding his patented work with balloons in the lacrimal duct in relation to creating a similar balloon for the sinuses.

Bruce Becker Acclarent

Acclarent, as well as founder & inventor Josh Makower, inventor John Chang & CEO William (Bill) Facteau, all named in a patent infringement lawsuit for the Balloon Sinuplasty technology by Quest Medical Inc. for patent infringement, tortious interference, breach of contract & misappropriation of trade.

team-Josh_Makower NEA ExploraMed AcclarentChang_Johnteam-William_Facteau_520_792-1

The case settles out of court allegedly with Acclarent paying Quest Medical between $1 million – $2million for patent infringement.

Quest Medical vs. Acclarent 1

Quest Medical vs. Acclarent 2

Quest Medical vs. Acclarent 3

Nuelle 250 sex toy #GodsOfFrauds

Too bad Johnson & Johnson had to sell off their KY Jelly division due to 510 (k) issues, or they could have cross-promoted. Funny thing, around the same time Makower’s Acclarent was subpoenaed by the DOJ for 510 (k) issues in 2012 regarding the Relieva Stratus Microflow Spacer, Johnson & Johnson received a similar subpoena in 2012, for KY Jelly, where Johnson & Johnson decided it was too hard to fill out paperwork for a billion business and sold it. That’s certainly inconsistent & contradictory for an established company like Johnson & Johnson to decide to sell a successful division unless of course, the FDA looking into issues with Makower’s 510 (k) for Acclarent which was sold to Johnson & Johnson in 2010, also triggered an investigation into the company’s other 510 (k), forcing the sale.

The Sociopathic Business Model™ maintains that when a company “decides” to inconsistently & contradictorily pull a medical device from the market, it’s because the FDA is behind closed doors threatening  strongly suggesting the company remove the device. In 2015, the DOJ found that likely for the first time in U.S. history, Makower’s  Acclarent knowingly and willingly set out to fraudulently obtained a 510 (k).  So essentially, Makower screwed taxpayers without lube, when he decided to defraud the U.S. Government, he made a reported $130 million and we’re all picking up the bill for ongoing criminal investigation.  Thanks, Josh! Nice of the fellas to take the fall for you instead of with you.

DOJ Press Release April 10 Former Acclarent Executives Arrested & Charged with Securities Crimes

The former Acclarent Executives William (Bill) Facteau & Patrick (Pat) Fabian were arrested, indicted on 18 counts of fraud and awaiting trial; but, Josh Makower Co-Founder of Acclarent, on the patent for the Relieva Stratus Microflow Spacer that fraudulently obtained a 510 (k) is able to take his fraudulently obtained profits and become a founder of a new company, Nuelle.  That certainly looks a lot like encouraging, replicating and rewarding unethical and illegal behavior.   FBI website

Nuelle 103 reviews

Wow, 103 reviews for Fiera, the $250, not covered by insurance, sex toy.  One would have to wonder if these are organic reviews from paying customers or if the product was given in exchange for reviews, or if the reviewers ever even touched the products at all?  It wouldn’t be the first time Team Makower, manipulated got a little creative, whether it was for Acclarent’s fraudulently obtained 510 (k), or the astroturfing Twitter account created to troll then Acclarent adversary, AAO President Dr. David Kennedy.

Acclarent's astrotrufing account to troll the AAO & Dr. Kennedy in 2009 that opposed the company's tactics and products.

Acclarent’s astroturfing account to troll the AAO & Dr. Kennedy in 2009 that opposed the company’s tactics and products.

So, just who is Team Makower for Nuelle’s™ Fiera® Arouser for Her™?  It’s tough to tell from their current website because  now under About Us: Who We Are, is a PR Spun, scrubbed of any ties to fraud, word salad of nothingness.  Good thing there’s screenshots before they scrubbed the site, right?

Nuelle Leadership Makower Long Goldfarb and Bright in Relation to Acclarent

Josh Makower Founder & Executive Chairman of Nuelle was also Co-Founder of under federal investigation Acclarent, where Karen Long, now Nuelle VP of Marketing & Sales was Acclarent’s VP of Marketing, Eric Goldfarb Nuelle’s VP of R&D & Co-Founder was Acclarent’s Director of R&D and Earl (Eb) Bright Nuelle’s COO, sat on Acclarent’s Board. For a more detailed account:  BOARD WHORES

Well, this awful marketing, with sexist overtones, can now be easily explained by Karen Long’s position as Nuelle’s VP of Sales and Marketing, formerly Karen Long VP of Marketing at Acclarent.  For the record, Karen, scrubbing truthful, negative SEO from the internet is unethical, not marketing. Fixed that for you, though! It’s sad when people you respected and worked with, like Karen Long and Eric Goldfarb, are now knowingly and willingly lining up for the opportunity to possibly wear federal handcuffs for Makower, again.

Isn’t it nice to know that Makower’s new company Nuelle, after he profited from Acclarent’s fraud at taxpayer expense, is free to help out those poor, unfortunate celebrities at the Oscars this year? $220,000 Oscar swag bag includes sex toys, breast enhancements, Chapstick.  You’d think that Distinctive Assets, who puts together the Oscar swag bags would do a little research into who founded the sex toy company, Nuelle.

As with any company or product, know who you’re getting in bed with and why.  For me personally, as someone who worked for Makower’s fraudulent Acclarent, I would never support any company where he’s involved, including as a founder or investor; and, as a consultant, I would never recommend that any of my clients invest in New Enterprise Associates (NEA), where Josh Makower is a venture partner, ExploraMed where Josh Makower is a founder of the incubator and or Nuelle™ where Josh Makower, despite, unethically being scrubbed from the company’s site is the founder.  If we want to create change as far as fraud in concerned in relation to business, as I’ve previously stated, we need to remove those willing to overlook fraud or worse line up to knowingly and willingly work with those linked to fraud, including former Acclarent, current Nuelle executives, Karen Long and Eric Goldfarb.

It’s up to each person reading this to make the best decisions personally, professionally and for their families based on the facts; but, if we keep encouraging, replicating and rewarding unethical and illegal behavior, then we’re part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Disclaimer: I worked in the startup medical device, where as a woman, I was a minority, and over 90% of my superiors were white males, an industry often noted for its lack of diversity.  There are two categories in which all people fall, either: Abusive or Non-Abusive and the people I write about under The Sociopathic Business Model™ are Abusive on behalf of a company where gender, religion, race, are just subcategories that are adjectives that describe one of the two main categories: Abusive or Non-Abusive.   Abusive people will state that I’m a man-hater, that is not true, I do not dislike men or white men (I am a heterosexual, caucasian woman) but, I dislike and expose abusive people as it relates to the business world.

In relation to startups, there’s a disproportionate number of Abusive (Category):  CEOs or Venture Capital Firms (adjectives), who also happen white males (adjectives),  which I write about on this site.  I did not create the diversity problem and through Killing My Career & The Sociopathic Business Model™ both of which I’ve created, I’m trying to expose the problem, force accountability and create positive change.

  • I have never seen nor heard ANY of this before and thought I was somewhat familiar with the “space” , this company/product…… thank you for sharing this. I will read in much greater detail and review some of your other posts.

    December 19, 2016 at 8:22 am

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