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NHTSA Asleep at the Wheel Over Tesla Autopilot, Smart Summon & #SerialKillerCEO Elon Musk

NHTSA Asleep at the Wheel Over Tesla Autopilot, Smart Summon & #SerialKillerCEO Elon Musk

October 3, 2019

Corrupt corporations are using innovation  as a manipulation to evade regulatory laws causing preventable harm or death to consumers and the unsuspecting public. One company’s illegal behavior putting profit over safety, then encourages replication by other companies who are eager to achieve similar financial reward by evading costly regulatory safety testing. This is no longer a trend, fraud is now built into the business model.

The Sociopathic Business Model©


National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is “looking intoTesla Smart Summon crashes in parking lots according to Reuters.  Over the weekend Tesla & CEO Elon Musk, notoriously known by U.S. regulators for making false claims regarding safety and sales projections, released a V10 software update which included Smart Summon.  The phone based app, Smart Summon allows Tesla owners to “enable their car to navigate a parking lot and come to them or their destination of choice, as long as the car is in line of sight.”

Elon Musk deceptively does not qualify what counts as a Smart Summon “use“, in his tweet claiming it was used over 550,000 times in the first few days.  Does one second engagement count as a “use“? Musk’s tweet falsely & deceptively suggests the product is safe for both consumers and the public alike. When videos on social media showed multiple times, Smart Summon could not discern between road and grass, aimed for parked cars and ran over parking lot white lines.


NHTSA in August 2019, issued a cease and desist to Tesla over Model 3 false claims regarding safety. Since at least October 2018, the DOJ has been criminally investigating both Tesla and CEO Elon Musk over Model 3 false claims regarding sales projections.

Musk’s illegal behavior is predictable, as is NHTSA’s ability to blindly look the other way when it comes to protecting the public.



Silicon Valley Beta Buzz is a manipulation of facts where an unethical company engages an illegally designed product launch, enlisting the help of insecure, desperate to feel superior supporters, who pay the company to either knowingly or unknowingly break the law on behalf of the company while the supporter personally bears the legal & safety consequences. Beta testing allows an unethical company to illegally avoid costly safety regulatory testing, for the prestigious & lucrative “first to market” position  while illegally shifting legal accountability away from the company and no to employees, consumers, the unsuspecting publicly and ultimately taxpayers. Also see: Early Adopter Manipulation  The Sociopathic Business Model©


Tesla’s loose with the law, flimsy disclaimer as informed consent for Smart Summon Beta, doesn’t do what Elon Musk think it does. Not when both he and Tesla have a pathological history of engaging in deceptive behavior at the safety of others.  And there’s no informed consent from unsuspecting non-Tesla drivers in privately owned parking lots of major corporations like Walmart and Costco.  Two places abusively used as testing grounds for a Smart Summon over the weekend, continuing into this week and until NHTSA gets around to looking into it.

I don’t know what it will take for people to realize that Elon Musk wants, expects and needs people to die to fund his lifestyle. Musk falsely hides behind bettering the world & technological advancement as a means to manipulate the weak into allowing him to continue to commit fraud without accountability and adding in a kill quota for his entertainment.  Autopilot & Smart Summon deaths are not a foregone conclusion as Musk flippantly and glibly maintains.

The one question everyone who drives in a parking lot, or drives on a freeway, or who is near a Tesla as an owner or non-owner should be asking:  Are you prepared to die for Elon Musk?  If not. Get active.


Unchecked unethical behavior dangerously escalates to illegal behavior that’s only stopped when met with #ForcedAccountability: public exposure of negative truthful information for the safety and protection of others and federal legal intervention resulting in recalls and or prison for executives.

The Sociopathic Business Model®


1 Publicly expose all negative and truthful examples of Tesla Autopilot and Smart Summon for the safety and protection of others while tagging government regulators: DOJ, DOT, NHTSA, FTC & FBI (over investigates on behalf of the previously mentioned agencies are investigated by FBI)

2 Ask stores where you shop to preventatively prohibit Tesla Smart Summon use in the parking lot for the safety and protection of all, posting clearly throughout the lot and at entry and exit.

3 Government regulatory intervention can also be helped along with taxpayers contact their state’s Attorney General, Congress & Senate representatives and Governor.


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Any concerns over copyright of publicly posted videos, please leave a comment with documentation from the US Government Copyright Office proving owner rights.

  • Tesla Rider

    I think this article is funny. Another person trying to attack a company that is focus on improving our driving experience and our environment. All new technology will have its challenges. I think Tesla is great because it is willing to do things no other car company has done. I’m sure this feature will greatly improve over time, just as they improved the range of the battery.

    October 4, 2019 at 1:53 pm
  • Michele Ceccarelli

    You are right, facts matter. What’s more, respect is necessary to care about someone’s opinion

    Facts are exactly what make this article a pile of “étron”. And the complete lack of respect for your readers is the only explanation for publishing it. Either the author is corrupt and really is the one who puts profit over safety or is simply ignorant, which would be a respectable mistake opposed to the felony that the first possiblity involves

    January 14, 2020 at 6:46 am

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