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NFL Sponsors Need to Put Pressure on NFL Franchise Owners to Force Accountability from the League

NFL Sponsors Need to Put Pressure on NFL Franchise Owners to Force Accountability from the League

September 19,2014

Proctor & Gamble Crest and Breast Cancer Awareness Cancel Programs with the NFL


Would have thought they had a nice class picture taken-but the egos all couldn’t fit in one room?

It’s a start but not nearly enough sponsors have cut ties with the NFL to #ForceAccountability from the team owners to fire Roger Goodell which would start to create necessary positive change. Proctor & Gamble’s Crest is having a banner week in accountability. First they pulled (willingly) a FDA approved product over consumer concern and they followed that up with cancelling an on-field NFL promotion.

The problem is that media keeps getting it twisted like we have to accept the NFL’s actions because viewership went up, we don’t have to accept it and we don’t want the NFL to go away we want the organization to be accountable.  That’s a distinction that seems to be lost on most. We don’t just throw our hands up and say there’s nothing we can do.

There’s a lot of talk about NFL players aren’t “role models” and we all should know that by now. Fine, and I don’t really care, but they do have to act like humans and obey the law and be accountable.  They aren’t role models, ok, but same token they don’t warrant special treatment either; but they’re getting it. If any of us beat the hell out of our spouse, where it was filmed (even if it wasn’t filmed) any good and ethical company would fire that employee.  Which bring us to Breast Cancer Awareness cancelling their awareness week with the NFL. Let’s be honest that was meant as nothing more than PRSpin for the NFL to begin with; and, now it certainly comes across as hypocritical

Just like the disillusioned Goodell isn’t going to fire himself (because no one has corrected his unethical/illegal behavior for years, in fact it’s been encouraged, replicated and rewarded) and he feels entitled to keep his position, he has no shame or remorse, he’s just mad he was found out and he’ll be voting himself a raise next week. And we can count on that because fact based evidence over time is an indication of the future and Ray Rice has the same sense of entitlement in that he’s already petitioning to get his suspension overturned.  

Need more proof? When a reporter asked another of Goodell’s boys, Dwyer, if he would be returning to football (after it was discovered he hit his wife and child), and he defiantly, like an entitled child said with a sneer, “Definitely.” It was so chilling to see his rage-filled lack of remorse response. I have to say I was relieved to hear his wife and child are no longer with him and being protected.  That lack of behavioral control and outburst is not unlike Goodell’s press conference today were there no accountability, lack of shame remorse or guilt. They don’t want to change and won’t until it’s forced on them. We cannot allow criminals to determine their own punishment because we all end paying the price in the long run when that happens.

And I’m tired of hearing about how their playing professional football makes them aggressive. Surgeons cut people and saving lives can be stressful so should we all just give them a pass if they had a stressful day and decided to stab their spouse and remove a kidney because that’s pretty much the same argument the NFL is making in trying to justify their player’s bad behavior. 

NFL Sponsors need to put pressure on The NFL Franchise Owners who can force accountability from the players and do what should have been done long ago, fire Goodell and ban him for life. If The NFL’s image is damaged and that turns into profit loss that’s the quickest way this will happen.

NFL Franchise Owners Let Them Know Goodell Must Go


There is good and bad in almost every organization as this page often points out the bad (as it often outweighs the good).  We need to put pressure on the sponsor who will then put pressure on the NFL owners who will the fire Goodell

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