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More Americans Vote for American Idol Than Sign U.S. Petition to Save Steven Sotloff’s Life

More Americans Vote for American Idol Than Sign U.S. Petition to Save Steven Sotloff’s Life

September 2, 2014

Steven Sotloff

Today should be a sobering day for many Americans and none more so than our Commander in Chief, President Obama as a second American journalist, Steven Sotloff was beheaded by ISIS earlier today.  While I recognize that signing a petition is not the be all end all of creating change, it is the start of creating awareness to in turn create positive change.  We only need to look at Ferguson to see that awareness brought the attention to the U.S. Government; and, now it’s up to the American people to keep that pressure on-but our government knows that the dog and pony show is enough to passify most people-and nothing with change.


Sadly the White House Petition to safe Steven Sotloff’s life received less attention than an episode of American Idol.  All people needed to do was sign and talk about it on social media to force accountability for our government to intervene, as they did with Bowe Bergdahl.  Every American should be forced to watch the beheading of both Steven Sotloff and James Foley not for sensational value but as a reminder that what’s happening is real and to never forget.  If you don’t get angry through your tears then keep focusin on American Idol; but, don’t get pissed when it becomes ISIS Idol.

American Idol

And I hope someone finally explained to President Obama that referring to ISIS as Junior Varsity was a Junior Varsity move for a President; and, that he’s learned and is now downplaying what we’ve got planned for ISIS.  For those that believe that ISIS is not a threat on U.S. soil ask yourself why the Pentagon, who gives nothing away for free, gave almost half a billion of dollars of military gear to local law enforcement last year? Wake up America, and fast as this nightmare in Syria is about to become a reality on U.S. soil.

Pentagon Gave nearly half a billion to local law enforcement

Sure some yahoos in Ferguson law enforcement got overzealous and broke out their new toys at the wrong time; but, that’s not what it’s really there for.  Remember awareness without action will fall flat; and, I’m not ready to see the U.S. fall flat

  • Pastor Jim

    Colin Powell: I don’t really know how to feel about this man. His UN performance, complete with test tubes and grim visage, proved him either the basest of kool-aid drinkers or the most duped person in the known universe. Either way, you can’t deny he was right about one thing and that was his caution that Iraq was like Pottery Barn. “You break it, you own it.” We broke Iraq. To the extent that nature and fundamentalism abhor a vacuum, the resurgence of an organized Islamic Fundamentalist army, primarily equipped with discarded American armament, is, to a large part, on us and was entirely predictable.

    How many people in that part of the world did we displace and/or radicalize? Bet Washington would love to have Saddam back in place now to calm his radical Sunni brethren and get them on the U.S. payroll. But, alas…

    When it comes to police forces having all that mil gear, I’m not as convinced as you that it’s entirely for use against the invading Muslim hoards. I think in these days of impending shortages of oil, water and food in context of a well-armed largely discontent populace, the way these police in Ferguson used these devices is precisely what police departments around the country have in mind. I think it’s *us* they will be turning them on, not “outsiders.” But…maybe I’m just paranoid. 🙂

    September 4, 2014 at 6:06 am

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