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Monica & Hillary The Sociopathic Business Model™

Monica & Hillary The Sociopathic Business Model™

June 3, 3014


So this is an interesting one; and, one that shockingly has nothing to do with politics, at least for this exercise.  I just finished reading Monica Lewinsky’s piece in the June 2014 Vanity Fair, Shame and Survival.  I will say I’ve never really had much of an opinion of her one way or the other.  I’d always felt (and still do sadly) feel she and Hillary Clinton were both abused in the situation.  “Consensual” or not, elements of abuse existed that both still fail to recognize which is the reason for the Lewinsky/Clinton/Clinton Case Study.

During a legal matter years ago, an attorney, meant to demean and insult me, called me purposely Ms. Lewinsky (my last name is Lokosky) and he giggled while he said it (yes a grown man so proud of his witty joke he could barely contain his excitement (a problem I sure he experienced often).  Without missing a beat I said, “Mr. Cochran could you please repeat the question?”  Everyone in the room let out a little laugh, well with the exception of the attorney incorrectly addressing me.

He slammed his fist on the table and screamed I was racist (as he was African American attorney) and I said, “No I just saw your sexism and raised you a racism, that makes us even.  If you care to continue to use tactics meant to demean and insult me we can do this all day or you could just get the point.”   One of the female attorneys on his team later caught up with me (confirmed he had planned to call me Ms. Lewinsky) and said she’d never been so proud to watch a strong woman stand up to the sexist bully of an attorney she worked for.

Men demeaning and insulting women is certainly nothing new; and, not something I ever let slide easily.  Which is why the entire Monica/Hillary thing bothered me and after reading the Vanity Fair piece even more so.  There is a hypervigilance to Monica Lewinsky’s first person, over-written piece that was slightly off-putting at first; but then I recognized (as I previously had with myself) it’s a symptom of PTSD.

“We have created, to borrow a term from historian, Nicolaus Mills, a “culture of humiliation” that not only encourages and revels in Schadenfreude but also rewards those who humilate others, from the ranks of bloggers, the late-night comedians, and the web “entrepreneurs” who profit from clandestine videos.”

Despite the over-writing much of her story was relatable, like watching everyone else’s life fly by and hers standing still frozen in time, I understand that more than most could know or undertand at this time.  Here is the part that prompted the case study. According to the article:

“…one of Hillary Clinton’s closest friends and admirers, Diane Blair…unearthed a cache of memos from the 1990’s. In some of them, Blair, who died in 2000 quotes the former First Lady about her husband’s relationship with (Monica).  Though Hillary, according to Blair’s notes, claimed t find her husband’s “lapse” inexcusable, she praised him for trying to “manage someone was clearly a ‘narcissistic loony tune.'”

Monica laments that unlike Linda Tripp who taped the conversations to entrap her, Hillary documented these thoughts for archival purposes.  Mrs. Clinton even blames herself for (being emotionally negelectful).  Both women, appear bright and appear to still be jabbing in the wrong direction.  Let’s look at Bill Clinton’s actions towards both Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton and run them through The Sociopathic Business Model™:

Checklist of Characteristic of The Sociopathic Business Model

Bill Clinton’s behavior, actions and words towards both Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton were inconsistent and contradictory

Bill Clinton manipulated and did not recognize the rights of his wife Hillary or his paid intern Monica

Bill Clinton viewed both women as accomplices who both became victims

Bill Clinton’s press conference was a verbal outburst full of patholigical lies, lack of shame remorse or guilt

Bill Clinton’s actions showed lack of accountability and created hopelessness in the victims

Bill Clinton was quick to demean and insult “that woman” Ms. Lewinsky

Bill Clinton engaged in unethical and illegal behavior

I understand (but do not agree) with why Hillary Clinton might choose to stay if she wants to run for President herself.  We just elected the first African American President, the idea that we could possibly elect a divorced female? Still sadly light years away.

And Monica Lewinsky still puzzled why the feminist didn’t clamor to her defense?  She was and is still defending the indefensible by hiding behind “consensual” and justifies Bill Clinton’s humiliating actions and denials towards her.   Monica, rightfully proud of her education seems to have had little growth over the years.   Both of these women are/were abused by the same man and defending him in any way makes it tough (at least for me) to take either of them seriously.

March 2015

Monica Lewinsky Ted Talk : Playing victim for all the wrong reasons.  She was abused by her boss at work (who was in a little bit of a power position) and her failure to recognize that but cling to the “patient zero” narrative does not make her an advocate for victims or women but just fool who hasn’t learned anything despite time away and an education.

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